Why Mobile App Marketers Are Testing Television


As mobile has firmly carved out its place in the marketing industry, advertisers are weaving together more complex cross-channel campaigns across email, online, social media and more, making “integrated marketing” the new norm. Likewise, mobile app marketers are testing the cross-channel waters to experiment in the opposite direction with more traditional broadcast media such as TV, and they are discovering surprising results.

Measuring marketing effectiveness is essential for all marketing disciplines, and mobile marketing no less. The key three questions that any mobile marketer asks are: Where do I get my most valuable users? Once they are in the app, then what do they do? And, how is my app performing in the different app stores? To answer these questions, marketers need access to good attribution and post-install analytics. However, providing this for mobile apps is much more challenging than in the online environment, where cookies are able to track users across different sites.

Tracking attribution across cross-channel campaigns poses additional technical challenges in itself, and TV advertising attribution is particularly difficult amongst a mix of other mediums. Cross industry partnerships are essential in getting the different technologies to ‘talk’ with one another – and the conversations are really just starting to happen now.

With the new tools recently made available and good industry partnerships, tracking TV campaigns is now possible. It’s key for marketers to access real-time data that can link spikes in organic installs to ad timing. True, TV tracking has previously existed in various forms – from Nielsen ratings to similar tools for the web – but not with the same user focus that is now possible. From travel apps and food delivery service apps to financial tech services and mobile banking apps, marketers across a variety of verticals are now beginning to access great, trackable results from TV advertising. For example, the travel app ‘GetYourGuide’ recently ran a TV ad campaign targeted to consumers in Germany, resulting in thousands of tracked installs captured within a five-minute window at the time of the TV spot, which shot the app up in the Apple App Store from Global Rank position 71,664 to 2,063.

What will the near future bring? As technology advances rapidly in the mobile sphere, we’ll see more tailored, optimized content delivered in real-time on broadcast mediums. Partnerships and collaborations will become more essential than ever to ensure compatible technology, providing marketers with enriched data so they can make the best financial and marketing decisions.

In just a matter of months, we expect that TV ad tracking connected with app download numbers will shift to attribution, linking actual users with TV as the advertising source, enabling app marketers to compare the lifetime value of their TV-sourced users with all other advertising sources from different campaign channels such as a Twitter, Facebook, email and even paid search. The future is bright for mobile, and broadcast media pose an interesting new growth sector for mobile app marketers.


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