The Shocking Truth About B2B Marketing


You have probably heard many tout B2B marketing as the easiest strategy for bringing loads of clientele to a business. These individuals say that this tactic is effortless and will work in almost any circumstance. To these people, B2B marketing is just as easy as going up to random people and turning them into your new best friends. The shocking truth is, however, that B2B marketing takes tons more research and thought. It needs to hit the right audience, or else you won’t make any money from marketing. Following five critical tips will ensure that B2B marketing is a success for your company.

1. Focus on volume

It is important that your marketing department knows exactly what they need to do in order to reach marketing goals. High performing marketing professionals understand the precise techniques that they need to implement in order to reach their targets and increase their volume. Numbers are a primary focus, and these statistics are heavily tracked and understood by every team member in the marketing department. You must encourage your marketers to use these numbers in order to plan activities that will help them reach their goals. This, of course, requires research as strategies for reaching targets will differ depending on the audience. It may be a good idea to assign an individual to conduct research in order to figure out what appeals to potential customers.

2. Perform a quality assessment

In order for a marketing campaign to produce outstanding results, good contact data is essential. Unfortunately, numerous B2B marketing databases contain incorrect information. As a matter of fact, SiriusDecisions Research states that between 10 and 25 percent of databases designed for B2B marketing contain critical errors. To make certain that your database is error free; you need to assign a designated individual to be in charge of making sure all contact information is correct and up to date as marketing databases are ever changing.

3. Make sure all of your leads are qualified

MillerPierce VOC states that 50 percent of the leads that are sent directly over to the sales team will not receive follow-up, thus money making opportunities are lost. Sales teams primarily focus on closing business and making sales. They rarely have tools in place to completely qualify and convert leads. A dedicated teleprospecting team needs to be put in place to follow up with every single lead and make sure they are fully qualified and ready for sales before sending them over to the sales team. The teleprospecting team will need to work with sales leadership to define who will qualify as a sales ready lead to ensure marketing goals are met.

4. Obtain feedback

The marketing team needs to have constant discussions with the sales team regarding past experiences with leads as well as how to create future opportunities. A continuous dialog between sales and marketing will get rid of any lingering misconceptions about what brings success. When the sales and marketing teams within your company support one another through the entire selling process, you can look forward to a significant increase in revenue.

5. Craft attention grabbing content

Your web pages, business cards, emails, postcards and other marketing resources need to contain content that convinces viewers to choose your company over your competitors. Highlight what sets you apart from others in your industry as well as what benefits you can offer. To ensure that your content reaches business professionals in your locale, you need to make efforts to utilize local SEO techniques.

When you employ all of these tips, your B2B experience will be fantastic. Sure, it will take some hard work and planning; however, your efforts will all pay off in the end. You will enjoy an increase in revenue, brand awareness and business expansion.



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