Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 27th – October 31st


Decision. Decisions. This week’s ads are all about giving users fun and engaging options right in the ad experience. Choose your soul mate razor, for example, or your perfect hair color, your favorite superhero or your preferred treat to dunk in a glass of milk. Sizmek ads make these kinds of interactive and customized experiences easy to run on any screen.

Country: United Kingdom
Advertiser: 20th Century fox UK
Media Agency: Vizeum – 20th Century Fox UK (HE)
Creative Agency: Substance UK
Publisher: IGN UK
Built Using: Sizmek Workshope

Link to Ad: Click Here

Choose your favorite X-Men, and create your own ad experience in this heart-pounding HPTO. Multiple trailer options, a “buy now” button and more, are all wrapped into this expandable ad with skins launching X-Men Days of Future Past in Digital HD.

: Australia
Advertiser: Proctor & Gamble
Media Agency: Mediacom Australia
Creative Agency: Sizmek Social
Publisher: Facebook
Built Using: Sizmek Social

Link to Ad: Click Here

This Venus Perfect match campaign lets users answer a series of questions that will dictate what razor is perfect for you. As an added bonus, the ad unit includes seasonal shaving tips, playful videos, in-store coupons and more.

Advertiser: Le Lait
Media Agency: Touche Media
Creative Agency: Touche Media
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

Everything goes better with milk! This fun, interactive campaign drives home that idea by drawing viewers into an irresistible game of memory, where users try to beat the clock while flipping cards to find milk-friendly food pairs that match.

United Kingdom
Advertiser: L’Oreal
Creative Agency: Mail Online
Publisher: Mail Online
Built Using: HTML5

Link to Ad: Click Here

L’Oreal grabs attention for its newest line of natural-looking hair color with a custom fold-out unit built by the Sizmek creative team. Don’t let the elaborate format fool you –this ad renders seamlessly on any screen. (Click the ? to see the ad in action)



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