Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 20th – October 24th


Ready for an emotional roller coaster?

This week’s ads take you from thrills to chills to the comforts of home, showcasing the various kinds of emotional connections you can make with the magic of rich media. WBPI’s film release is all about mayhem, while Universal’s delivers terror on the creepy end of the spectrum. 7Up gets us pumped to party with the world, while Beko makes you want to cozy up with family and friends. Ready to ride? Let’s go!

Country: United States
Advertiser: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Media Agency: Initiative
Publisher: Facebook
Built Using: Sizmek Social

Link to Ad: Click Here

7Up lights up the town with a campaign that EDM (electronic dance music) fans everywhere will love. Promoting the brand and its #7x7Up music series, this social ad features a video panel, Twitter panel, Tumblr page and share panel all within the unit.

The ad cleverly displays a fixed background through a moving window. So as the user scrolls, different portions of the background are revealed. This type of reveal ad can even include video layers!

Country: Mexico
Advertiser: WBPi WB Release
Media Agency: GroupM/Mindshare (WB Pictures Intl Mexico)
Creative Agency: Insight Media
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

Hold onto your chair, because this synchronized ad is a wild ride. Simply mouseover the ad to set loose a mega-twister tearing through your web content, revealing scenes from the film and all the intense special effects that go with it. The unit also allows you to watch trailers, read a plot summary and buy tickets right from the expanded ad.

Advertiser: Universal Pictures
Media Agency: Mediacom Australia
Creative Agency: Mi9 Creative Studios
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

The animated flicker of bats’ wings set the chilling tone of this full-page expandable HPTO ad for the launch of Dracula Untold. The expanded ad unleashes trailer videos, details about the film and downloadable wallpaper. Buy tickets right in the ad – if you dare.

Country: Turkey
Advertiser: Beko
Media Agency: OnTarget
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop,

Link to Ad: Click Here

Home appliance brand Beko recently changed its logo and wanted to bring the essence of the new brand to consumers in a warm and inviting way. Click on the rich media banner, and an animated takeover gently unfolds to present five panels to explore, including a Tweet feature. From the takeover to the imagery, the ad exudes comfort and elegance.



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