Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: October 13th – October 17th


This week’s ads are all about interactivity. Buy tickets to a new film, watch live poker, save for a new Chevy or covet a tricked-out phone – it’s all here. From basic expandable banners to innovative dynamic ads, this week’s selection shows how Sizmek features and formats make every ad look like a million bucks.

Country: United States
Advertiser: Capital One/GM
Publisher: NBC News
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

The NBCU team developed this sleek ad in just a few days using Sizmek Workshop and our cool pre-coded Parallax Reveal format. With just a few assets, the team put together this “edge 2 edge” responsive ad unit for the Capital One GM Powercard campaign.

The ad cleverly displays a fixed background through a moving window. So as the user scrolls, different portions of the background are revealed. This type of reveal ad can even include video layers!

Country: South Africa
Advertiser: HTC One
Media Agency: Liquid Thread ZA
Creative Agency: Idea Engineers
Publisher: MSN ZA
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

Ready to oooh and aaaaah over the cool features of the HTC One (M8) phone? Users click this expandable banner to access a sleek mouseover interface that showcases the phone’s best assets.

Country: Pan European
Advertiser: Pokerstars
Media Agency: Pokerstars
Creative Agency: Pokerstars
Built Using: MDX Platform, DCO

Link to Ad: Click Here

How many players are left? How big is the pot? Who’s bluffing? Pokerstars’ creative use of Sizmek DCO kept audiences’ eyes glued to the live stream of its massive European tournament using real-time teaser ads synchronized to all the action. Sizmek DCO made it easy to continually update ad versions to match the video.

Country: United Kingdom
Advertiser: Universities Pictures
Media Agency: MediaCom UK
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop, expandable banner

Link to Ad: Click Here

Meet the BoxTrolls in this fun rollover expandable banner. The unit is packed with interactivity and features a mini movie trailer, share functions and one-click access to buy movie tickets in your area. This lively ad will have you wanting more of these goofy little characters.



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