According to New PWC Study Most Mobile Ad Traffic is from Accidental Clicks

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According to a new installment of the Consumer Intelligence Series by PricewaterhouseCoopers, majority of the time mobile traffic is due to an accidental click by consumers. The study by PwC had 1,003 respondents, ages 18 and over, weigh in on their smartphone activity and their reasons for clicking mobile ads. The infographic can be found on Ad Week’s website.

With mobile’s unique properties as both a data tracking device and a delivery mechanism, the biggest challenge to leverage the knowledge of how consumers are using mobile to improve monetization from ad delivery.

Among the things PwC noted in the study is a need for advertisers to develop a mobile-first strategy with innovative user experiences with valuable content. It also noted that consumers are unwilling to give much personal data, making it more challenging for marketers to achieve relevancy through ad targeting.

The complete graph can be found below:

Though smartphones continue to find new ways to collect user data, such as geotagging or beacon tagging for mobile shopping, consumers are still uneasy about the inability to opt-out of advertisement, especially those that seems to be crossing the line into their personal lives.