Innovid Breaks Down The Anatomy of the Fragmented Consumer In The Cross-Device Video Landscape


This multi-screen, multi-platform world we live in has left consumers in the driver’s seat and advertiser’s scrambling to keep up with their every move—on every device. Whether it’s on desktops, mobile devices, tablets, connected TVs or over-the-top platforms, consumers’ already-short attention spans are now split amongst a myriad of media, causing fragmentation and the need for advertisers to consolidate data from several sources. Luckily for advertisers, interactive video can transcend these screens and bridge behavioral gaps like never before. Innovid took a look at fragmented consumer, their behaviors across multiple screens, and their desire to become a part of the brand story.

“Interactive video presents limitless opportunities for both brands and agencies, but there needs to be a fundamental understanding of consumer behavior as well as an intelligent business strategy linking together the different channels at play,” says Tal Chalozin, CTO and Co Founder of Innovid. “With the ability to reach consumers across multiple devices in a single interactive campaign, advertisers can now combine consumer insight, great creative, compelling content and intelligent metrics to produce targeted, optimized cross-device campaigns. Understanding the fragmented consumer is step one.”

Download the entire chart here.


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