Hearst Magazine Expands Partnership with Acxiom to Bring Marketing Service to the Cloud


Today Acxiom, an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, announced an expanded relationship with long-time client Hearst Magazines, one of the world’s largest magazine media companies. Under the terms of this new agreement, Acxiom will be responsible for bringing Hearst Magazines’ marketing services platform to the cloud.

“Hearst is very strategic client for Acxiom “ said Atanas Popov, Senior Managing Director, Media, Acxiom. “Our relationship enables us to leverage AOS technology for our traditional CRM solutions bringing together our unmatched ability to connect marketing applications with the scalability and open architecture of Cloud solutions, in a privacy-complaint way.”

Acxiom will lead the migration of Hearst’s database hardware and software to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Building on a successful partnership, Acxiom will help Hearst transition to the cloud, in order to create a more streamlined, effective workflow to support to Hearst’s marketing and sales structure.

“As the industry evolves, our audiences are diversifying and the channels through which they engage with us have multiplied,” said Charlie Swift, Vice President Strategy & Marketing Operations at Hearst Magazines. “Consumers and advertisers want consistency and availability of information and product delivery, and this investment in our marketing services platform and cloud technology puts us in an excellent position to meet, and exceed, their expectations.”

Recently, Acxiom published a case study illustrating how it was able to transform customer insight to better compete in the digital age. Using the company’s AbiliTec Data Quality and Recognition, InfoBase data, and data and modeling analytics platforms, Acxiom consolidated and improved 160 million Hearst consumer contact records by using online and offline data.

“We are thrilled that Hearst once again chose Acxiom for this important strategic initiative,” said Nada Stirratt, Chief Revenue Officer at Acxiom.  “As long-time partners, we are excited to fuel their transition to the cloud, and help them meet the needs of their readers and clients. This enhances the great foundation we have built together over the years by powering innovation via the use of Acxiom advanced product solutions.”


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