Targeted Victory Pilots New Cross-Device DMP Solution


(ADOTAS) WASHINGTON – September 17, 2014 – Targeted Victory announced today that they are the first to utilize Lotame’s new cross-device DMP solution, which will allow them to take best-of-breed, cookie based political audience segments and extend them seamlessly across mobile.

“Targeted Victory was the first pilot partner for our cross-device solution,” said Lotame Founder and CEO Andy Monfried. “Political marketing has been accused of lagging behind commercial marketing in terms of innovation. Targeted Victory’s aggressive focus on reaching political audiences across devices shatters that paradigm.”

“Over 50% of traffic is on a mobile device, and the highly personal nature of smartphones and tablets means political audiences can be reached in more of a lean-in, engaged mindset than many traditional channels,” said Targeted Victory Co-Founder Michael Beach. “Until now, the technicalities of reaching the right audiences on smartphones and tablets has been difficult. And harder still is reaching the same political audiences on mobile that you’ve reached on desktop. That’s where Lotame’s cross-device solution comes in. Now we can now deliver true sequential messaging across devices.”

The device graph from Lotame and Targeted Victory aims to turn the conventional campaign structure upside-down and allows campaigns to target the party model on mobile and across all screens. This solution enables Targeted Victory’s political and advocacy clients to think in a truly screen agnostic way as they continue to offer the only solution for all screens in politics – mobile, tablet, desktop, and television.

About Targeted Victory

Targeted Victory (TV) is a leader in online advertising, online fundraising, email marketing, and integrated data management for political candidates and causes. Along with our technology services, we provide strategic digital campaign management and comprehensive web design and development services. We provide all of our clients with a custom strategy to best achieve their organization’s goals, incorporating a combination of our core services and others that fit your needs. For more information, please visit

About Lotame

Lotame is the DMP for Maximum Audience Impact — helping publishers, marketers and agencies maximize the way they collect, unify, protect, and activate audience data. Leveraging the industry’s most robust audience management engine, they’re able to intelligently monetize data, create premium properties, target more efficiently, and drive higher campaign performance and revenue. We’re dedicated to constant innovation, and helping our clients take full advantage of big data. Together, we’re doing things that others haven’t thought of yet. To learn more, visit


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