Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: September 22nd – September 26th


Motorbiking across ice floes, saving humanity from self-destruction, flying bullets and fiery explosions – there’s a lot of adrenalin pumping through our super-creative, super-interactive ads this week. After the high-speed intensity of our ad picks from NBC, CW and Hero, you’ll probably want to curl up with a McDonald’s muffin and some warm milk (in front of the TV, of course).

Country: United States
Advertiser: NBC TV
Media Agency: Maxus
Creative Agency: Arsonal
Publisher: Facebook
Built Using: Sizmek Social

Link to Ad: Click Here

This ad was showcased in NBC TV’s HPTO, getting Blacklist fans ready for a brand new season of action-packed drama. The ad offered up past show highlights, new episode trailers and about a gazillion ways to share the ad with your fellow Spader fanatics.

: India
Advertiser: Hero Motocorp
Media Agency: Maxus Delhi
Creative Agency: Karmatech
Publisher: MSN India
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

This icy mis-adventure begins as a dramatic homepage takeover, until the Karizma ZMR takes things off road to save the day, exiting airborne to a separate 300×250 unit. There, the user can take the wheel –to watch the full-length ad, enter a sweepstakes, get more info on ZMR features, share and more.

United States
Advertiser: McDonald’s – Detroit and Outer Michigan Co-ops
Media Agency: Moroch
Creative Agency: Moroch
Publisher: SpecificMedia
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

Inviting as a warm blueberry muffin, this appealing ad showcases the versatility of the easy-to-implement IAB Format Sidekick format. Interactive, friendly and localized, the ad invites the user to click on their Michigan location to launch an expanded intro to McDonald’s newest treat.

: United States
Advertiser: CW
Media Agency: OMD LA
Creative Agency: Illusion Factory
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

There is so much to do in this award-winning rich media ad for CW’s The 100. Share the ad, watch videos, access the free multi-platform CW app ( for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows 8 ) in one click; get show highlights and story lines – it’s all there and more. Sizmek Workshop makes rich and engaging premiere ads like this remarkably easy to create.


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