Sizmek Presents Ads of the Week: September 15th – September 19th


In rounding up this week’s ads of the week, we asked: how do marketers keep feature-rich ads from being just plain-old busy? These ads showcase super-interactive formats that let the creative shine!

Country: United States
Media Agency: Visit Norway | Innovation Norway
Creative Agency: Mister-H
Publisher: Facebook
Built Using: Sizmek Social

Link to Ad: Click Here

This interactivity-dense social ad pretty much does everything but pack your bags. The rich media teaser trailer features buttons to book/check flights, watch more video, read articles, share with a travelling companion and link to Norwegian tourism social sites. All that in your Facebook feed!

Country: United States
Advertiser: Wells Fargo
Media Agency: Universal McCann SF
Creative Agency: MRM SF
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

This emotional billboard unit demonstrates how powerful storytelling can happen in just a few words and a few seconds of video. The interactive in-banner video spot introduces Wells Fargo’s sponsorship of the 2014 Soldiers to Summits mission and invites users to learn more about the program’s healing expeditions for veterans.

Country: Brazil
Advertiser: Microsoft
Media Agency: JWT BR
Creative Agency: JWT
Publisher: MSN Brazil
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop, Vpaid TimeSync Template

Link to Ad: Click Here

This spunky Nokia ad uses the VPAID TimeSync format to allow for multiple interactions without disrupting the storyline. With TimeSync, interactive overlays are timed to the video to enable targeted interactions with the ad—all while keeping the viewer firmly in control. The user can explore features of the Lumia 630, and the ad always picks up where it left off.

Country: South Africa
Advertiser: Checkers
Media Agency: PHD Media
Creative Agency: 99c
Publisher: Yahoo! ZA & MSN
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop and custom video shoot.

Link to Ad: Click Here

Some ads are simply more fun than others. Like this one, which combines a witty concept, an adorable English Bulldog and an out-of–ad experience that’s impossible to ignore. The dog helps himself to the surrounding editorial content thanks to the overlay-to-banner format. Clever dog.

Country: Japan
Advertiser: Culture Covenience Club Co., Ltd.
Creative Agency: Yahoo! Japan
Publisher: Yahoo! Japan
Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

This IAB Rising Star ad unit has still got it! Especially when paired with fun Japanese illustration and a little pinball wizardry. It’s hard to resist clicking this lively rich media sidekick unit promoting Yahoo! Japan, which then expands from the right gutter of the page to reveal a game-like map with multiple interactive features to explore. Click to close, the ad collapses, and you’re back to your content.


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