ScanLife Consumer Behavior Survey Reveals More than 50% of Consumers Use Mobile Coupon Apps Per Month


After a survey of over 15,000 mobile users of its ScanLife App, mobile engagement solutions company Scanbuy reported that more than half of its respondents (51%) said they use mobile. coupon apps once or twice a month while 20% use them daily.  The poll was taken by users inside the company’s ScanLife app over a 30-day period in June 2014.

“Our survey of ScanLife users demonstrates the ever-increasing influence of smartphones on consumer shopping behavior and attitudes,” said Maryann Moschides, vice president of marketing at Scanbuy.  “Marketers should take note that the majority of mobile consumers are hungry for personalized deals and promotions from their favorite brands to help them save money and discover new products and services.”

Some of the more compelling results include:

  • Nearly half of respondents (47%) said they will sometimes try a new product by receiving a coupon/discount offer while 23% said they “almost always” will
  • Food and beverage was the top product category for using coupons and discount offers (55%), followed by apparel (15%) and electronics (13%)
  • One in four survey respondents said they use mobile discount coupons every day while another 38% said they use coupons weekly
  • When interested in a new product, most respondents (56%) said they conduct online search, followed by scanning a product barcode (20%) or visiting a store (15%)
  • Receiving product discounts and coupons was the information survey respondents wanted most from scanning (75%), while receiving new product information was the second most popular reason.

More information from the survey results can be seen in the infographic below:


ScanLife is used by people around the world to discover new information from their real-world environment every day through QR Code and product barcode scans, and other mobile triggers. The refreshed ScanLife app now also provides consumers the opportunity to receive personalized deals and promotions based on their preferences and interests.


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