Intergi Entertainment Changes Name, Takes on Playwire Brand


(ADOTAS) Deerfield, Fla., September 30, 2014 – Intergi Entertainment today announced that it has become the world’s largest digital content ad exchange in Entertainment and Gaming with 4 billion ad views each month, across 165 countries. The company also leads by 5X in the U.S. Gaming and Entertainment sector as it reaches 52 million unique visitors monthly, according to comScore. Based on its success in the gaming industry, the company has expanded its footprint into music, sports, film and other sectors of entertainment including comedy. In preparation for its next phase of growth, Intergi Entertainment will now be called Playwire Media and has launched

“We’re proud of our phenomenal growth this past year,” said Jayson Dubin, founder and CEO of Playwire Media. “Online video for both desktop and mobile has been the major force driving our top line growth as publishers and creators clamor to find more profitable avenues to monetize their video content, while simultaneously controlling their intellectual property. Our rapid success is based on combining a highly scalable video ad platform with the ability to deploy customizable unique creatives at scale,” said Dubin.

“We have found creators in many industries wanting to monetize digital content, but the existing solutions were either cost-prohibitive or offered insignificant revenue for the people who create the content,” said Dubin. “We have a ‘publisher-centric’ philosophy and publishers are our first priority. This commitment is reflected in our business model, which ensures publishers and content creators receive a substantial revenue share with a guaranteed 100% global ad fill.”


The company has enjoyed the following achievements:

Global Digital Advertising

4 Billion ads viewed monthly in 165 countries

277 Million monthly uniques worldwide

Entertainment and Gaming

#1 in U.S. Entertainment and Gaming sector with 52 Million uniques reached per month (comScore)

Mobile Advertising

1 Billion mobile ads served during August, 2014

340 Million video mobile ad views since Playwire Media mobile advertising started in Dec 2013

Broad Publisher Participation

More than 4,000 publishers have joined the Playwire Media ad exchange

About Playwire Media

Playwire Media is a leading provider of digital monetization and advertising solutions. As a publisher-centric company, Playwire Media makes publishers its top priority.  The Playwire technology platform empowers publishers and content providers to cost-effectively encode, manage and deliver video content experiences through a centralized CMS (Content Management System) and global, multichannel CDN (Content Distribution Network) that is optimized for PCs and mobile devices. Publishers and content providers can transparently monetize digital content through the Playwire Media ad exchange, which guarantees 100% global ad fill and protects intellectual property through Digital Rights Management (DRM). Playwire, formerly known as Intergi Entertainment, was founded in 2011 and is privately held. For more information about the Playwire platform, visit and follow @playwire. For more information about Playwire Media, visit and follow @playwire media.

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