Integral Ad Science Introduces Causal Impact to Determine the Causal ROI of Online Display Campaigns

(ADOTAS) New York, NY – Sept. 26, 2014 Integral Ad Science, the leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media, today announced the industry’s first causal ROI measurement solution, Causal Impact. After a successful beta testing cycle with Fortune 500 advertisers and category leaders across various sectors, including CPG, finance, online gaming and telecom, all online advertisers now have access to this patent-pending product’s benefits.
Causal Impact provides key insights into the direct impact of an ad campaign on conversions and ROI through the measurement of causal conversions. According to Integral, such conversions occur as a direct result of a user seeing one or several ads. Although other conversion analysis options may consider only viewable ads, none factor in causality by comparing conversion activity to that of a control group. Additionally, learnings from Causal Impact can be applied during a campaign, unlike other A/B measurement solutions that provide no actionable data until long after a campaign ends.

Offering continual analysis of causal performance alongside dynamic and actionable reporting, Causal Impact allows for in-flight optimization and comparison of performance between media partners. As a result, Causal Impact provides a clear picture of which of an advertiser’s media partners are the most effective in influencing consumers and driving conversions.
“Causal Impact introduces and automates the determination of causality in advertising at scale for the first time, allowing us to finally answer the real question that every advertiser wants answered: Which of my ad placements are truly making an impact and influencing consumer actions?” said Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science. “At Integral, we’ve invested heavily in data science, product and engineering to understand which parts of ad campaigns drive sales, and given the tests that we have done with a select group of advertising leaders in key verticals, we know that Causal Impact can provide these insights.”

Causal Impact leverages Integral’s industry leading ad viewability technology, putting otherwise useless, unviewable ads to work for advertisers. In a typical display ad campaign, roughly half of the impressions are unviewable and, as a result, users served those ads have no possibility of being influenced by the campaign. As part of Causal Impact’s methodology, these users serve as the control group. Users that see at least one viewable ad become part of the test group. Comparing conversion rates of these two groups allows Integral to determine which conversions are a direct result of ad exposure, and which conversions would have occurred regardless of exposure to an ad campaign. Integral’s data science team has designed an intricate solution with stringent testing methodology that removes any residual bias from the analysis by only comparing users that are similar.
“Often, simple concepts are most profound and effective. As a media agency, one of our primary goals is to constantly make sure we use best-in-class methodologies to measure how effective digital ad spend is,” said Oleg Korenfield, SVP Advertising Technology & Platforms, MediaVest. “The new Integral Ad Science solution took the ad delivery information that has often gone unused and turned it into a tool that shines a light on what is working and what is not in an effective and actionable way.”
“I see this as the first commercial solution which measures the impact of viewability on a consumer’s path to action,” said Michael Kaushansky, EVP, Chief Analytics Officer, Havas Media. “It’s quite clear that unless an ad is viewable it cannot possibly have a human impact; knowing the specific impact viewability delivers is game changing.”

“The ad-tech industry has been in dire need of a measurement solution that offers accurate, actionable data,” Knoll said. “Identifying the causal conversion rate by publisher allows the advertiser to quantify the incremental lift that each media partner generated for the campaign, and determine return on ad spend. This enables advertisers to track the ROI on their display campaigns and make better decisions for future efforts.”

Integral previewed Causal Impact at an industry event, “The New Age of Advertising: Measuring Cause and Effect Online,” Thursday, Sept. 18, at the Manhattan Penthouse located in New York City. A symposium, the event also included presentations from keynote speakers Sinan Aral, MIT’s David Austin, Professor of Management, on “Causal Inference Online: The Dynamics of Reputation & Social Network Influence” and Michael Kaushansky, Havas Media’s Chief Analytics Officer, Analytics and Insights, on “Making Big Data Accountable: A Consumer Centric View to Marketing” as well as a panel discussion moderated by Dstillery Chief Scientist Claudia Perlich on “The Road to True Attribution.”


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