Artisan Expands Mobile Marketing Automation Capabilities with In-App Messaging


(ADOTAS) Philadelphia, PA, August 25, 2014Artisan today announced the availability of in-app messaging capabilities, which are uniquely integrated into its proven Mobile Experience Management (MEM) platform for mobile app analytics, personalization, and testing.  This unified offering empowers marketers with the ability to target app users with the right in-app messages at the right time, integrate native apps into their overall marketing campaigns, and provide a consistent omni-channel brand experience.

Artisan’s new in-app messaging capabilities allow marketers to communicate dynamically with users while they’re engaged with a native mobile app.  Formats include slide-in messages, pop-ups, and screen takeovers. The text, images, and backgrounds in these messages are all customizable without the need for companies to touch the underlying code of an app.  Benefits of the new addition include:

·         Ensure High-End Brand Experience Through 100% Native Delivery: Artisan is the only company delivering native in-app messages, letting marketers more easily customize the look and feel of their in-app messages to ensure campaign and brand consistency.  Unlike slow-loading, visually clunky HTML5 in-app messages, native messages are more visually sophisticated and provide the high-end brand experience necessary to engage app users.

·         Engage the Right Users with the Right Messages at the Right Time: Marketers can employ the capabilities of Artisan’s MEM platform to analyze, personalize, and test in-app messages and ensure that the most engaging messages are targeted to the right users at the most opportune time.   Leveraging real-time analytics on every user view and click within the app and in-app message, marketers can immediately determine if a message is improving engagement or not.  They can also target messages to different mobile app user segments based on demographic and behavioral data, and then A/B test the effectiveness of different messages within those audience segments to see which delivers the best results.

·         Deliver and Adapt Actionable Messages On the Fly with No Coding: Artisan’s innovative feature, Power Hooks, makes any aspect of an app highly configurable without writing code or resubmitting to app stores – so marketers can do more without waiting for IT.  With Power Hooks, marketers can immediately deliver actionable in-app messages, such as “add coasters to your shopping cart” and then easily change this to “add placemats to your shopping cart and receive this discount” with no additional time-consuming code writing as required by other solutions.  This also gives marketers significantly more agility to align their marketing campaigns and strategies across all channels.

“Due to limited technology capabilities to date, marketers haven’t had the opportunity to realize the full potential of in-app messages to increase engagement,” said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan Mobile.  “Marketers can now, for the first time, provide truly tailored in-app messages, and deliver those messages when they’re most likely to drive conversions – all without requiring help from IT.  By integrating in-app messaging with the power of our comprehensive platform, we’re empowering customers to take the impact of mobile app marketing to a whole new level.”

About Artisan

Artisan is the industry’s leading Mobile Experience Management platform.  Artisan’s all-in-one analytics, testing and marketing automation solution makes it possible for mobile teams to create highly personalized and compelling user experiences in real-time without writing code or resubmitting to app stores.  Artisan empowers organizations of all sizes to unleash the full potential of their mobile apps, drive mobile engagement, and dramatically improve their return on mobile.  Artisan is venture-backed by FirstMark Capital and proudly located in Old City Philadelphia.



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