PubNative Launches the First API-based Mobile Publisher Platform


(ADOTAS) – Berlin/San Francisco/Seoul – July 8, 2014 – PubNative, a Berlin-headquartered mobile publisher platform100 percent focused on native advertising, announced that it raised a 7-digit investment from mobile games marketing platform AppLift. PubNative is the first supply-side platform (SSP) that can be accessed through an Application Programming Interface (API) and therefore does not require the integration of a Software Development Kit (SDK) by publishers.

Through the platform’s API, publishers can request over 20 advertising assets to serve as building blocks to create any number of combinations for genuinely native and unique ad units and thereby achieve a completely seamless user experience. These building blocks include among others app name, icon, screenshots and rating, as well as custom images, image sizes and description texts available in 10+ languages. Combined with PubNative’s wide array of inventory management tools for publishers, such as black- and white listing functionalities as well as an eCPM maximization ad-delivery algorithm, the company provides a comprehensive suite for app and mobile web publishers monetizing their inventory through native ads.
The company already partners with app publishers such as Pinger and Happy Labs and provides an API accessible both through client-side and a server-to-server integration.

Olivier Rozay, VP of Business Development and Monetization at Pinger, the maker of the popular free texting and calling app, Textfree, comments: “PubNative has been instrumental in helping us build an effective native advertising offering. They gave us the building components we needed to create a unique native ad unit that integrated perfectly into the Textfree messaging inbox. PubNative provides a simple, flexible solution that allowed us to maintain control over our inventory. ”

On the demand side the product plugs into the PubNative Exchange, a programmatic app promotion exchange linked to demand from major ad networks, DSPs, agencies and direct advertisers. This enables access to over 300 app advertisers from a broad range of verticals such as gaming, dating, travel and ecommerce yielding more than 5000 concurrent live campaigns on the exchange. Additionally, the platform offers house-ad functionalities for publishers who wish to make direct deals with advertisers or cross-promote their own apps as well as the functionality to mediate brand offers.

Finally, PubNative provides both contextual and demographic targeting features to optimize ad relevancy and thereby maximize monetization for publishers. PubNative is co-founded by former AppLift Head of Product Ionut Ciobotaru and a seasoned ad tech professional with 10+ years of market experience, who will be announced in the next weeks. The team, comprised of mobile monetization and technology experts, is based in Berlin, San Francisco and Seoul.

Ionut Ciobotaru, Managing Director and Co-Founder of PubNative, comments: “Native advertising should never compromise the user experience. PubNative offers publishers the building blocks to construct beautiful native ad units that fit the designs they have worked so hard to create. All the while, our technology makes sure that publishers benefit from our eCPM optimization algorithm which uses machine-learning and predictive behavioral analytics to show the best-performing ads to a specific user.”

Kaya Taner, CEO and Co-Founder of AppLift adds: “The mobile advertising market has shown a clear shift towards native in the past year and this is an excellent thing for advertisers, publishers and users alike. PubNative is a great opportunity for us to invest our excess cash and support an already proven team and a cutting-edge product for native ads which will truly benefit our mobile games advertisers.”

About PubNative
PubNative is a mobile publisher platform fully focused on native advertising for apps and mobile web. Being API-based, it does not require the integration of an SDK. Publishers can request over 20 creative assets to enrich their ads and thereby create any number of combinations for unique and truly native ad units. PubNative’s eCPM maximization algorithm optimizes yield for publishers through machine learning patterns and predictive behavioral analytics. The platform additionally offers publishers numerous ad delivery and targeting features as well as extensive inventory management tools. The company plugs into the PubNative Exchange, a programmatic App Promotion Exchange with campaigns from over 300 demand partners worldwide. PubNative is headquartered in Berlin with further presence in San Francisco and Seoul. For more information, visit

About AppLift
AppLift is a mobile games marketing platform. The company was founded in August 2012 by Kaya Taner, Tim Koschella and Hitfox Group. AppLift’s platform helps mobile game advertisers acquire  and re-engage loyal and paying gamers at scale on a performance basis. Via its proprietary Customer Lifetime Value Optimization Technology, AppLift focuses on tracking and maximizing the lifetime value of the users delivered to optimize campaign ROI and achieve the most efficient allocation of marketing budgets across traffic channels.
On the supply side, media partners can easily and effectively monetize all their mobile traffic with relevant game offers, on both iOS and Android. Through non-intrusive and engaging ad formats, developers can maximize revenue while preserving their app’s user experience.AppLift offers its partners extensive and personalized support in order to deliver the highest performance. AppLift partners with 300+ quality game publishers such as King, Wooga and EA and with 3000+ Media Partners to deliver high-quality traffic.The company is headquartered in Berlin with further offices in San Francisco and Seoul. For more information,


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