Datonics Inks Data Partnerships with GumGum, TwoPointO and Vemba


(ADOTAS ) NEW YORK (July 2014) – Leading online data marketplace Datonics has added GumGum, TwoPointO and Vemba to its roster of data distribution partners. These partnerships will allow the companies to deliver relevant data-driven advertising to target customers on behalf of their clients.

GumGum is the leading in-image advertising provider, driving brand engagement for advertisers by placing relevant display ads in-line with photos and other content where consumer attention is actively engaged.

TwoPointO Inc has built the publisher revenue platform CreatorCloud, which achieves incremental revenues for digital publishers with its proprietary technology that allows the syndication of viewer engagement itself.

Vemba provides a real-time bidding marketplace for online advertising on mobile and desktop platforms. Vemba’s platform gives the ability to target the exact consumer demographic that is seeking products.

Datonics’ aggregated data about more than 180 million US and Canadian consumers has been classified into more than 350 pre-packaged search, purchase-intent and life-stage segments, and an unlimited number of custom keyword-derived segments. By utilizing this data, marketers can engage directly with the audiences that are most likely to respond to their offering.

“We are excited to be adding GumGum, TwoPointO and Vemba to our partnership roster and look forward to providing their thousands of advertisers with access to our unique and proprietary data,” said Michael Benedek, CEO of Datonics. “Data is a key differentiator in digital advertising. Datonics builds high-performing, proprietary data sets and we look forward to helping our new partners maximize the performance of their campaigns.”


About Datonics
Datonics (www.datonics.com), a member of the AlmondNet Group, is the Internet’s leading aggregator and distributor of highly granular and proprietary search, purchase-intent, and life-stage data. Datonics’ 350+ pre-packaged segments and unlimited number of custom keyword-derived segments facilitate the delivery of highly relevant, privacy-sensitive ads to online consumers wherever they go. Datonics is headquartered in New York City with a research and development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Datonics is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).

About the AlmondNet Group
Established in 1998, the AlmondNet Group is an industry leader and pioneer in privacy-friendly, targeted advertising. The parent company AlmondNet Inc., which has developed an extensive suite of industry-leading targeted advertising solutions and products, is focused on R&D and the licensing of its extensive portfolio of enabling technology and intellectual property, covering numerous areas of the targeting landscape and ecosystem, including profile-based bidding, behavioral targeting, online and offline data monetization, addressable advertising, and multi-platform advertising. In addition to Datonics, Intent IQ (www.intentiq.com), a leader in cross-platform addressable advertising, is an AlmondNet subsidiary.


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