wywy Closes Acquisition of Second Screen Networks


NEW YORK, June 25, 2014 (ADOTAS) – wywy (www.wywy.com), a Germany-based cross-screen advertising and real time TV-ad tracking company, has completed the acquisition and integration of Second Screen Networks, a New York-based social TV company that allows TV broadcast ads to sync in real time with mobile devices and websites.  As part of this acquisition, wywy is expanding into the U.S. market with the opening of a new office in New York.

With this expansion and completion of the Second Screen Networks acquisition, wywy will now offer cross-screen advertising and TV analytics services to advertisers and media buyers in the U.S. across over 200 U.S. TV channels.  The offerings include:

  • LiveSync: wywy synchronizes TV and online advertising by detecting a TV commercial the moment it is aired and then serving the corresponding online advertising in real-time to second screen viewers on their mobile and tablet devices while they are watching the TV ad.
  • SiteSync: wywy synchronizes TV advertisements with their corresponding websites so that products from the commercial are prominently displayed on the websites for a certain period of time after the TV ads air.  This helps brands create a “TV landing page” and thereby a seamless cross-screen brand experience for viewers.
  • Real-time TV Campaign Tracking: wywy integrates its real-time TV data into existing Web analytics tools, like Google Analytics, to allow advertisers to measure the impact of every TV commercial on their website’s key performance indicators, thereby allowing them to continuously optimize their TV media plan.

“Opening a U.S. office is the natural progression of wywy’s continued growth and commitment to bringing our ad solutions technology to Western markets,” said Tobias Schmidt (pictured), CEO and co-founder of wywy. “We look forward to expanding wywy’s client base by building on the momentum that we have already gained internationally among advertisers, brands and TV broadcasters.”

About wywy

wywy (www.wywy.com) helps advertisers extend their TV campaigns across screens and analyze the online impact of their TV advertising.  The company offers synchronization of TV and online advertising to reach viewers on their second screen devices and increase ad awareness. With wywy’s real-time ad tracking tools, advertisers can compare what TV creative, channel and airtime work best to optimize their media plan accordingly.



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