Tumblr Sponsored Posts Now Promoted on Yahoo


ADOTAS — Tumblr Sponsored Posts will now be seamlessly promoted across Yahoo and Tumblr, reaching more than 800 million average monthly visitors, according to a joint announcement made today.

These posts are now integrated and available through Yahoo Gemini, the marketplace where advertisers can buy mobile search and native advertising. Sponsored Posts will still feature the same native engagements that brands value  (like, reblog and follow). Through Yahoo Gemini, now the same posts — articles, images or videos — can be promoted through native ads across Yahoo’s content streams, article pages, image galleries and digital magazines, on desktop, mobile and tablets.

According to comScore data, Tumblr has the Web’s most engaged audience as #1 in time spent per visit in US. Meanwhile, a recent case study across Yahoo and Tumblr showed that when people viewed content marketing, unaided brand awareness increased by 40 percent; brand consideration grew 31 percent; and tagline recognition increased by 100 percent.

“Some of the world’s favorite brands are already working with Tumblr and Yahoo to tell their brand stories, such as Lionsgate’s Capitol Couture destination to promote ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,’ the next chapter of The Hunger Games trilogy, wrote Mike Kerns, SVP Product Homepage and Verticals at Yahoo, and Lee Brown, Global Head of Brand Partnerships for Tumblr, in a blog post this morning. “Tapping into the artful black and white photography community, Lexus prompts people to ‘Send them a Signal’ (left), while Lipton challenges consumers to #BeMoreTea.”

“Working with Tumblr has allowed us to expand the universe of ‘The Hunger Games,’ with experiences like Capitol Couture — a unique destination for not only fans of the franchise, but anyone interested in future fashion,” said Danielle De Palma, EVP Digital Marketing, Lionsgate. “We are thrilled that Tumblr will now have a significant presence across Yahoo, and we look forward to creating more experiences for fans to enjoy.”

“The Lipton Be More Tea philosophy is all about inspiring people to break out of autopilot and embrace all of life’s possibilities,”said Linda Bethea, Senior Director of Marketing, Pepsi Lipton Partnership. “Tumblr is helping us connect with our consumers in new and engaging ways and we’re excited to now have the opportunity to pair the unique Tumblr editorial platform with the expanded reach of Yahoo. We believe this program will help us continue to drive meaningful experiences with fans by bringing them engaging content when and where they want to see it.”

“We utilized striking and dynamic imagery to launch ‘The Signal’ and saw incredibly positive engagement rates,” added Teri Hill, Lexus Media Manager. “Now we can add the targeting and scale provided by Yahoo Gemini to amplify our content marketing efforts and establish a meaningful connection with next generation customers who appreciate beautiful style and design.”


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