The World’s Best Video Ads: McDonald’s, Lifebuoy, Coca-Cola, Adobe, Beats by Dre


ADOTAS – Coca-Cola adds a twist to friendship, Beats gets you pumped for the World Cup, and McDonald’s kicks a ball into a bucket on a moving elevator. Yep, it’s just another week in AdLand.

So which ads have been setting the web alight over the last seven days? Here are our five picks.


5. McDonald’s, “Gol!”

Sometimes the best ad campaigns are the simplest. To help promote official sponsor McDonald’s brand ahead of the World Cup, the fast food chain asked some Brazilian football freestylers to showcase their skills.

The result? A dazzling array of tricks and stunts that will take your breath away. From a boy who somehow manages to get a ball into a bucket on a moving escalator via several deflections to the girl doing some incredible keepy-ups in high heels, it’s a video that will get you in the mood for Brazil 2014.

Well played, McDonald’s.

4. Lifebuoy, “Tree of Life”

This latest spot from soap brand Lifebuoy addresses a simple issue with devastating consequences: that the lack of basic hygiene in developing nations results in thousands of otherwise-preventable deaths every day.

“Tree of Life” focuses on one particular family’s story, but the campaign as a whole looks at the wider issues. Sponsoring the Indian village Thesgora, Lifebuoy’s initiatives managed to reduce potentially life-threatening diarrhea from 36% to 6%.

It’s this simple kind of change the Unilever brand is trying to promote. With the slogan #Helpachildreach5, awareness is certainly part of the equation.

3. Coca-Cola, “Friendly Twist”

The latest spot from the soft drinks giant takes social awkwardness head on by making Coca-Cola bottles way harder to open. If that sounds like it doesn’t make sense, then you’re clearly not thinking with a twist.

Having noticed that university freshers find it tough to get chatting to each other on their first day, agency Leo Burnett Colombia forced them to come together through an ingenious mechanism. It’s a bit like a friendly version of that film ‘Saw’.

Essentially, the bottles only open when they interlock with another, theoretically creating the perfect ice-breaker. It sounds like a charming idea, but I’ll bet anything that if I get stuck in a desert someday, I’ll come across only one of these bottles. The only thing more delicious than my unopenable drink will be the sweet, sweet irony.

2. Adobe, “Click, Baby, Click!”

The financial sector is a head-scratching little world, isn’t it? I watched ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ to figure out how it all works, and it turns out they just took drugs for three hours. I was no closer to understanding.

Adobe’s “Click, Baby, Click!,” an ad for the company’s Marketing Cloud services, clears things up a little. Tracing back the source of a single fluctuating stock price, the ad shows the global connectivity of a single rising commodity: trees are felled, orders are barked, products are shipped.

There is a little twist at the end (though if you’ve read the title, you’ll likely see it coming), but Adobe’s ‘Do you know what your marketing is doing?’ campaign is far-reaching. Their companion ads like ‘Psychologist’ and ‘Fortune Teller’ achieve the same end, as well as being quite amusing in the process.

1. Beats by Dre, “The Game Before The Game”

The World Cup has not even started yet and Brazil star Neymar Jr. is already the star of the show. The Barcelona forward first scored a huge hit with Castrol’s “Footkhana,” the most shared ad from an official sponsor. He then played a supporting role alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in Nike’s brilliant  “Winner Stays.”

But a new spot from Beats – recently bought by Apple and making a name for themselves this year with some great ads – could well be the pick of the bunch.

Fittingly called “The Game Before the Game”, the commercial begins with the Samba star going through his pre-game rituals, which starts with talking to his inspirational father, Neymar Snr.

Backed up by a rousing soundtrack by Jamie N Commons & The X Ambassadors, it also shows other football stars and fans preparing for the match of their lives by going through their various superstitious pre-match rites. Cesc Fabregas kisses the ring four times while Luis Suarez kisses the tattoo on his wrist of his son and daughter’s names. The English drink beer and tea; the Spanish don’t. Other star names include Bacary Sagna, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Blaise Matuidi, Daniel Sturridge, Jozy Altidore, Mario Götze, and Robin van Persie.

All we will say is that if the World Cup is as good as the build-up, we are in for a real treat.

— David Waterhouse


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