Study Uncovers the Missing Link in Programmatic Buying: Publisher Brand Strength


Boston, MA, June 17, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Millward Brown Digital, the world’s leading digital expert in helping clients grow great brands, today unveiled new metrics to quantify a publisher site’s brand perception, power and differentiation – components of the ad experience that should be given consideration equal to audience and reach in digital ad buying. In the online programmatic ad buying world, the criticality of aligning brand values with media selection is often lost in the desire to optimize price and delivery.

This study identifies six dimensions that influence a consumer’s on-site experience and ultimately impact advertising’s effectiveness on that site. The six dimensions are: Meaningful Difference; Personality; Touch Points; Site Pedigree; Visit Catalyst; and Everyday Relevance.

Examining data points for three of the six dimensions provides a view into how impactful these findings are for publishers and advertisers:

  1. Meaningful Difference: How strong is the publisher site’s brand?
    -Sites that ranked in the top 10% of the Meaningful Difference Dimension scored on average 40% higher in ad trust.
  2. Site Pedigree: Is the publisher site an established brand or a new kid on the block?
    -The most established site had an online ad awareness score that was 128% times higher than the average score.
  3. Everyday Relevance: How much is the publisher site part of a visitor’s daily routine?
    -Sites that indexed in the top 10% of the Everyday Relevance Dimension scored on average 97% higher in online ad awareness.

The analysis of publisher site influence on campaign effectiveness was conducted using Publisher Impact, a new Millward Brown Digital solution that helps publishers identify and quantify the qualities of their properties that impact advertising effectiveness.

“Audience-based buying is quickly becoming a core component of advertisers’ media buys”, said Stephen DiMarco, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Client Officer at Millward Brown Digital. “While it certainly offers the opportunity to reach audiences more efficiently, our research shows that advertisers can’t ignore the strength of the publisher‘s brand as a fundamental part of the ad experience and overall effectiveness of the campaign. Publisher Impact makes it possible, for the first time, to measure, compare and quantify the brands of media properties’ sites, enabling publishers to better define the value of their inventory and helping advertisers to find the most effective environment for their ads.”

Publisher Impact uncovers the unique value and contribution of digital properties, enabling media buyers to consider publisher site context while optimizing campaigns using actual site characteristics.

With Publisher Impact, publishers can define their site’s unique value propositions by determining their property’s brand score, benchmarking their performance versus their client’s category and identifying relative strengths all as a means of justifying pricing for premium content and for demonstrating how these properties can enhance the impact of an advertiser’s message.

Agencies and advertisers can benefit by using Publisher Impact to identify the role of site context in their advertising’s effectiveness and to better understand how sites may be synergistic with their advertising content.


About Millward Brown Digital

Millward Brown Digital is the world’s leading digital expert in helping clients grow great brands. Millward Brown Digital delivers comprehensive digital solutions to help advertisers, agencies and publishers increase marketing effectiveness and drive brand growth. Integrated behavioral and attitudinal solutions help marketers identify, understand and engage consumers, plan and optimize media and increase total brand performance. Millward Brown Digital operates within Millward Brown North America and is part of Kantar, WPP’s data investment management division.


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