Study: Email Dominates Mobile Activity


ADOTAS — LiveIntent — the email ad exchange encompassing 600+ premium publishers — analyzed 4B+ ad impressions in Q1 2014 to gain insight into how advertisers can make the most of mobile. The study found that email is not only the primary communications channel, it’s also the most popular mobile activity.

The study also determined the following:

  • The number of opens occurring via mobile will pass 50% by 2015.
  • 1/4 of every mobile Internet hour is spent in email.
  • Over the last three years, unique impressions seen on mobile devices has grown from 24% to 31% to 45%

Among the study’s other key discoveries:

Time of day

  • Desktops have clear peak performance hours (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.), after 4pm there’s a substantial drop off in conversions
  • Mobile has similar peak performance hours, but clicks and conversions remain constant afterward, up until around 10 p.m., with clicks even increasing as the evening progresses.


  • Women show a higher preference for tablets than men.
  • Men have more clicks (31%) and conversions (25%) via phone compared to women, who use phones for clicks at (28%) and conversions for (20%).
  • Women use phones for more opens than men by 6 percent.
  • Women have a higher discrepancy than men.


  • For those under age 45, mobile receives more opens and conversions than desktops.
  • Younger generations are increasingly using mobile devices to check email, and we can expect their affinity for engaging on mobile to grow with them. 
  • From 18-64, as people get older their open and conversion rates on tablets grows, showing an older audience is active on tablets.

“The results of this study should be exciting news to marketers everywhere,” said Matt Keiser, Founder & CEO, LiveIntent. “You already have an effective mobile campaign: your email campaign. More people use email on mobile than browse the web or log-into Facebook. It’s where 23% of every mobile Internet hour is spent. And people aren’t just scanning emails on their smartphones and tablets – they actively opening, clicking and converting. But while the tools and the channel exist, the opportunities presented by this inherently mobile channel have yet to be fully realized. To harness the power of email and mobile, marketers must have a real email ad strategy that includes a thoughtful mobile experience. One that extends from first impression through conversion.”

To access the full report, click here.



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