MobPartner Launches MobSearch to Monetize In-App Search Box


PARIS, June 19, 2014 (ADOTAS) – MobPartner today unveiled MobSearch, a new native mobile advertising unit helping developers monetize their apps through previously unused space when performing in-app searches.

MobSearch delivers contextually relevant app suggestions displayed below an app’s search field in real time as the user inputs their query. It uses a predictive text algorithm to serve an ad based on a combination of the text entered into the search field and the user’s characteristics.

Apps using MobSearch will display a native ad based on the user’s preferences and key information as soon as the user engages the search function. Then as the user starts performing the search, a new ad will be served based on the text the user is entering.

Vianney Settini, Founder and Chief Product Officer of MobPartner said MobSearch allows developers to monetize a previously blank, untapped space in apps while helping publishers to deliver highly relevant results, without intruding on the user experience.

“Imagine you’re searching your favorite news app for the latest World Cup scores. With MobSearch as you start entering ‘World Cup’ it would serve a suggestion to download the official world cup app instantaneously directly below the search box.”

“The key to MobSearch is serving ads for apps that are relevant to the user and maintaining a positive user experience. MobSearch’s algorithm matches the text a user is typing into the search field with relevant keywords and important identifying information such as user profile, location, and so on, to deliver a recommendation the user will appreciate,” Mr Settini said.


About MobPartner

MobPartner is a trusted global partner in performance-based mobile advertising and monetization. Reaching 200 million consumers each month, MobPartner works with some of the largest consumer and mobile brands – Zynga, DeNA,, NQ Mobile, Qihoo360, Alibaba, Kayak, Zalando and HRS. MobPartner’s highly efficient in-house tech platform, tracking tools and dedicated team of mobile marketing experts is used by more than 300 advertisers worldwide, plus the world’s most influential publishers. Headquartered in Paris, France with local offices worldwide.


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