LiquidM Launches Native Ad Creator to Monetize Popular Mobile Content


SAN FRANCISCO, June 2, 2014 (ADOTAS) – LiquidM, the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today launched its Native Ad Creator to help mobile developers and advertisers create beautifully designed native ads that blend naturally with existing, popular mobile content. The Native Ad Creator allows developers to design and customize native advertisements on their app. Once the native ad is created, advertisers can use LiquidM’s full stack MAMP to serve up specific content each time it receives a request for the designated type of ad. LiquidM bridges the communication gap between app developers and ad networks, helping them easily work together to serve up better performing, brand-approved, targeted ads.

“Native ads are contextual and complementary to the content in which they are placed. Not above, below, or beside, they become a seamless part of the user experience and often unique to the individual viewer or user,” said Roi Chobadi (pictured), co-founder and chief product officer, LiquidM. “Mobile developers need more revenue, and mobile advertisers need better engagement – we designed this Native Ad Creator as a simple solution to give them both.”

Native advertising is integrated seamlessly into the content stream of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and perform far more effectively than traditional online banner ads, as evidenced by their ever-lower click-through rates (CTRs) and plummeting market prices. According to a study from AdRoll, of 547 advertisers’ Facebook marketing campaigns amounting to over one billion impressions, native ads within the Facebook news feed obtained a CTR that was 49 times higher than “right-hand-side” ads, and at half the cost per click.

How It Works

LiquidM’s Native Ad Creator brings harmony to the app developer-ad network relationship.

  • Step One: Developers can decide where the ad will appear, identifying the specific space on the app that the ad network is focused on monetizing.
  • Step Two: Using LiquidM’s ad targeting features, developers or advertisers can create a customized template that corresponds to the specific native ad.
  • Step Three: Ad networks can go to work with peace of mind knowing the LiquidM platform will send the right content each time it receives a request for that type of ad. The platform will always respond with a package of assets. And this works on RTB and non-RTB.

“In a mobile advertising industry where app developers and mobile publishers are struggling to generate revenue, Native Ad Creator offers ad networks a better way to help them monetize their apps without ruining the user experience,” added Chobadi.

About LiquidM

Built from the ground up for a mobile-first world, LiquidM is the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), which allows media buyers to optimize their processes across the full range of premium to performance advertising. LiquidM offers mobile advertising’s first-ever monthly technology licensing model, eliminating the common ad campaign price markups that media buyers typically face. To customers who care about ROI, performance, brand safety, and quality, LiquidM provides a business model-agnostic core to manage and optimize their mobile advertising campaigns. LiquidM’s modular cloud-based software allows customers to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform that is customizable to their individual needs. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, London, Berlin and Singapore, LiquidM helps customers configure their current and future mobile advertising business models. For more information, visit



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