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Scottsdale, AZ – June 30, 2014 – Integrate, the leading provider of cloud-based, closed-loop marketing software, today announced that it has joined the Marketo LaunchPoint™ Ecosystem, the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions.

By connecting Marketo and Integrate accounts, users can rapidly capitalize on customer insights and fuel their marketing programs’ performance. Integrate enables prospect and offline data from performance marketing and demand generation campaigns to be posted in real-time directly into Marketo’s customer engagement platform. Marketo Webhooks can then report KPI dispositions back to the Integrate dashboard, generating real-time performance data that can be applied to:

  • Measure ROI from demand generation program and media investment;
  • Optimize media programs based on highest converting parameters (audience, media source, creative, landing pages, etc.);
  • Improve lead and data quality by providing early insight into the funnel.

With Integrate’s closed-loop marketing software, marketers can more efficiently acquire new customers by integrating media programs and prospect data with marketing and sales systems, like Marketo. Key benefits of the SaaS-based platform include:

  • Workflow and Process Automation—Save time and resources by allowing marketing staff to focus on planning and optimization.
  • Data Governance—Increase data and engagement quality by up to 40 percent, while reducing the time and costs associated with bad, incomplete data being passed into marketing automation systems.
  • Closed-Loop Analytics and Insights—Reduce marketing costs by 35 percent by eliminating manual data processing. Easily integrate with Marketo to quickly capitalize on insights.
  • Media Marketplace—Access thousands of vetted media partners as a primary or supplemental source to scale media programs and reach new audiences.

“Marketing is accountable for generating prospects and creating a well-defined sales pipeline, especially for a growing company like A10 Networks,” said Travis Taylor, senior manager, Americas demand generation at A10 Networks. “The combination of Marketo and Integrate allows us to automate the entire demand gen process, improve prospect data quality, accelerate lead velocity and nurture prospects to customer opportunities.”

Marketo LaunchPoint™ is the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions. It’s not just a place for technology integration; it is a system of resources that brings the best technology, expertise and customer experience together, so marketers can drive better results in less time. LaunchPoint™ includes some of the world’s most innovative, best-of-breed marketing solutions, spanning all areas of marketing including: analytics and big data, content marketing, events and webinars, lead data, lifecycle marketing, online ads and campaigns, sales tools and social media.

“The LaunchPoint Ecosystem offers our customers an effective way to maximize the capabilities of Marketo’s customer engagement platform and deliver the most impactful results,” said Robin Bordoli, general manager, new markets and vice president of partner ecosystems. “We’re excited to have Integrate join LaunchPoint and enable our customers to integrate their media programs and prospect data with our platform, powering customer acquisition and lifecycle marketing.”

To learn more and get started, please visit Integrate’s LaunchPoint listing here.

About Integrate

Integrate’s cloud-based marketing platform empowers marketers to more effectively acquire prospects and customers by integrating media programs and prospect data with existing marketing and sales systems. The closed-loop platform provides tools including workflow automation, data governance, analytics and a high-quality media partner marketplace, all accessed from a single, intuitive dashboard. Integrate’s solution efficiently fuels marketing systems with prospects and actionable data and closes the loop to increase performance and measure ROI. Serving more than 2,500 customers and 3,500 media partners, Integrate is backed by Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global Ventures and Foundry Group. For more information, visit or follow @Integrate.

About Marketo

Marketo (NASDAQ: MKTO) provides the leading marketing software for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships. Spanning today’s digital, social, mobile and offline channels, Marketo’s® customer engagement platform powers a set of breakthrough applications to help marketers tackle all aspects of digital marketing from the planning and orchestration of marketing activities to the delivery of personalized interactions that can be optimized in real-time. Marketo’s applications are known for their ease-of-use, and are complemented by the Marketing Nation™,  a thriving network of more than 250 third-party solutions through our LaunchPoint™ ecosystem and over 40,000 marketers who share and learn from each other to grow their collective marketing expertise. The result for modern marketers is unprecedented agility and superior results. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices in Europe, Australia and a joint-venture in Japan, Marketo serves as a strategic marketing partner to more than 3,000 large enterprises and fast-growing small companies across a wide variety of industries. For more information, visit

Marketo, the Marketo logo and LaunchPoint™ are trademarks of Marketo, Inc.



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