Bidtellect Introduces Industry’s First Fully Open Native Ad Platform and Exchange


DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June 11, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Bidtellect, a disruptive Native Advertising technology and solutions company, today unveiled its Native Marketing PlatformTM, a next-generation, fully scaled Native exchange, which consists of the world’s first demand-side platform (DSP) focused on enabling advertisers to easily access and scale Native Ad inventory; a robust supply-side platform (SSP) that provides publishers with premium demand-side inventory; and an exchange designed to permit brands, agencies and publishers to programmatically access and buy Native inventory in real time. The Bidtellect platform is able to connect all of the major Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) defined categories of Native Advertising including In-Feed, Content Recommendation, In-Ad, and Custom units.

“Bidtellect was founded with the mission to facilitate efficiency in Native Ad buying, selling and delivery across the web,” said Lon Otremba (pictured), CEO of Bidtellect. “We understand that Native is the most efficient, effective, affordable and scalable digital advertising medium since search, but it’s also one of the most challenging to buy, sell and fully comprehend. Our DSP tools, real-time bidding platform and expert team work together to demystify the medium and allow brands to activate profitable campaigns at scale.”

Bidtellect’s proprietary technology maximizes performance and results by utilizing cutting-edge algorithms to identify optimal ad choices based on context, behavior, time of day, day of week, device and other decision points, and provides marketers with the ability to apply first- and third-party data as targeting and decisioning elements. Over the past two months, Bidtellect has developed powerful partnerships with several industry leaders.

Bidtellect Already Offers Substantial Scale

The Bidtellect Native Marketing PlatformTM already has the ability to access tens of thousands of Native supply sources. The platform is currently receiving over 100,000,000 bids on Native inventory each day. So far, 54 demand-side aggregators are integrated, with 102 unique demand feeds. On the supply side,16 supply-side aggregators are already integrated with 22 unique supply feeds.

By year-end, Bidtellect expects to serve over 1 billion bids per day on the exchange.

In conjunction with the platform launch, Bidtellect also announced the strategic appointment of Shalanna Clark as Native Creative Director, in charge of content development and execution for the company’s advertising clients. Clark is an integrated marketing expert who has been connecting people and products through technology for more than fifteen years. Prior to joining Bidtellect, she was Digital Director at Zimmerman Advertising, the fourteenth-largest advertising agency in the U.S., where she drew on her experience in the retail marketing sector to create scalable solutions for large automotive groups to build their digital footprints and connect with new consumers. Additionally, she has worked with premiere brands including AutoNation, Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa John’s, Party City, Oreck and others.

“One of the biggest pain points for brands moving to Native Advertising execution today is tapping and leveraging the compelling content that brands possess within the scores of Native Advertising formats emerging that consumers want to engage with,” said Otremba. “Shalanna’s role is to properly and strategically align our tools and technologies with the advertiser’s content within the Native ecosystem.  She brings with her an unmatched ability to understand and drive Native creative that works for advertisers and improves ROI, and will certainly provide a competitive edge and noticeable results for our partners.”

About Bidtellect

Founded in 2013 and led by a group of veteran Internet ad tech pioneers, Bidtellect is the first fully open Native Advertising platform and exchange. Bidtellect provides advertisers unprecedented scale, with access to any Native supply source and a full tool set and expertise for campaign provisioning, delivery and reporting, as well as a full functioning RTB exchange for efficient pricing and access to supply. Bidtellect was founded by John Ferber, the founding chief product officer of, which was sold to AOL and became AOL Platforms. For more information please visit


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