ATTENTION Launches Social Marketing Practice for Regulated Industries


New York, June 19, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Major hurdles for regulated industries looking to communicate with consumers via social media can now be overcome. Attention, a full-service social media marketing agency within the kbs+ family has launched Reg-SM, specializing in compliance, governance and communication in the use of social and mobile media. Attention conducts social media marketing for businesses in highly regulated markets such as pharmaceuticals, financial services and spirits.

“Businesses in regulated markets increasingly recognize the power of social media to inform life’s most important decisions about finance and health. However, efforts are often limited due to the lack of institutional knowledge about solving risks from communicating in social media. Mitigating risk and engaging consumers are no longer mutually exclusive based on advancements in data, technology, expert knowledge and regulatory attitudes,” said Attention founder and CEO, Curtis Hougland. Hougland was a featured presenter at the inaugural Cannes Health Lions on the role of social media in pharma and health.

REG-SM was developed through Attention’s extensive experience in social media marketing for industry leaders such as Gilead, Blackstone, Mattel and Diageo over a decade. As an expert in compliance and governance, Attention successfully navigates COPPA, FINRA, SEC, FDA and other regulations/regulatory agencies on behalf of its clients. “Compliance is now compatible with consumer and patient engagement through social media, if managed by an experienced team,” noted Hougland.

Attention’s toolkit of services include:

  • Compliance-based social publishing platform;
  • Tested reporting and approval workflows;
  • Expertise in identifying intent behind social conversations – where patients/consumers are in their relationship to the brand, and in relationship to purchase;
  • Social business process planning to collaborate with legal and compliance on solutions;
  • Social playbooks and enterprise risk assessments by industry sector, geography and situation
  • Content studio for specialized content creation and community management
  • Employee and customer training and education
  • Paid, earned and partner engagement

Based on these services, Attention executes world-class creative social media marketing campaigns across channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These channels are integrated into the larger picture of the customer journey.

“Consumers and patients seek and share more information across more channels. For example, patients and investors are more and more involved in health care and investment decisions. This trend is reshaping purchase decisions,” said kbs+ CEO, Lori Senecal. “So, Attention created a practice to manage relationships in markets defined by unique rules of engagement.”


About Attention

Attention is where you go when you are serious about social. Attention formed one of the first new media agencies in 1992, one of the first social media agencies in 2009 and joined MDC in 2009 and kbs+ in 2014. Attention operates globally with hubs in New York, London, Toronto and Shanghai. The agency is differentiated by its ability to organize social experiences around the understanding of where consumers are in their relationships to a purchase of a brand, product or service.


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