AdRoll Appoints New CTO, CRO Following $70M Funding Round


ADOTAS — While many companies on the road to IPO hire outside experts for C-Suite positions, AdRoll has chosen a different tact and promoted internal leaders, Suresh Khanna and Valentino Volonghi, into the C-Suite.

Following the company’s recent $70 million funding round, Khanna was promoted to Chief Revenue Officer from his post as Senior Vice President, Sales & Operations, and Volonghi, a member of AdRoll’s founding team, has been appointed Chief Technology Officer after serving as AdRoll’s Chief Architect.

Khanna and Volonghi have been key facilitators of AdRoll’s rapid expansion, conquering the scalability issues that often paralyze growing businesses. Volonghi, an active member in the international Python community, led the charge in scaling AdRoll’s engineering backend to become a top worldwide buyer on Amazon Web Services. Each engineer on Volonghi’s team manages 1.5TB of data per day – higher than the engineers at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

“These internal promotions into the C-Suite reflect both the importance of company culture to AdRoll and its strategic dedication to cultivating talent,” said an AdRoll spokesperson. “Plus, who better to lead the company forward than those who’ve helped it successfully scale?

Khanna (pictured) oversees all revenue and customer-facing teams at AdRoll. With over 15 years of experience, he has served in a variety of sales leadership and business development roles across the tech sector before joining AdRoll in 2012. Most recently, Khanna spent six years at Google and served as their Director of New Advertiser Sales. In earlier roles, he led Google’s local advertising channel program and built scalable sales programs for agencies.

Prior to Google, Khanna spent several years in the enterprise software industry at SAP and Siebel Systems, providing sales advisory services and heading up the development of a key offshoring team in India. Khanna also served as Director of Business Development at Yodlee and was a senior tech M&A analyst at Jefferies Broadview and Broadview Capital.

Outside of work, Khanna is co-owner of Kasa Indian Eatery in San Francisco, voted “Best Meal Under $15 in SF” in 2009 and 2011, as well as “Best New SF Restaurant” in 2009. He has two children and is a passionate Little League coach.

Khanna holds dual bachelor’s degrees in economics and public policy from Stanford University and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

As AdRoll’s CTO, Volonghi is responsible for the design and implementation of AdRoll’s globally distributed architecture. He is also the president and founder of the Italian Python Association and ran the EuroPython Conference for an unprecedented 3 years from 2011 to 2013.

Early in his career, Volonghi (pictured) fell in love with asynchronous network programming. His passion for high-performance networked applications brought him to AdRoll’s attention in 2006, where he designed the first prototype of what would become AdRoll’s front-end. Soon after, Volonghi moved to the US from Italy to work full-time and further develop the product he helped to create. With a team in place, Volonghi went on to design and implement the global infrastructure and algorithms that created the basis for linear and painless business scaling.

Volonghi graduated from the Milan Polytechnic University with master’s degrees in eBusiness and IT Management. In his free time, he prepares for triathlons by riding, swimming and running around the Bay Area.


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