Adiant Launches 1st Major Audience Targeting DMP for Native Advertising at Scale


NEW YORK, June 18, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Adiant, the largest native advertising platform on the web and owner of Adblade and IndustryBrains, today announced the rollout of its proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) technology, now available to Adblade advertisers. Adiant’s DMP technology gives advertisers and agencies a powerful tool to improve their native advertising campaign’s performance. By using Adiant’s new technology, advertisers and agencies can more accurately target audiences and generate greater ROI. Adiant’s DMP is available for free to all clients who run campaigns on its Adblade platform.

The addition of DMP technology enables clients to use Adiant’s first-party data with comprehensive third-party data targeting solutions. By combining data resources, the DMP focuses advertising messages on the audience that would be most receptive to them. The result is efficient and effective campaigns with increasingly higher click-through rates that drive greater conversions than untargeted campaigns.

Adiant is the only native advertising exchange that provides DMP technology that integrates first-party and third-party data.

“Adiant’s DMP has just raised the bar in native advertising, giving advertisers powerful audience targeting within our massive reach of over 400 million monthly unique users,” said CEO Ash Nashed (pictured). “We’ll continue to provide cutting-edge solutions advertisers and publishers are looking for as the industry evolves, making sure we offer the best technology available and the highest quality network.”

Adiant has built direct relationships with over 1,000 of the web’s finest local and national branded digital properties, including McClatchy Newspapers, Digital First Media, Journal Register, Worldnow, Lee Enterprises, ABC News, Hearst, NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Morningstar, Bizjournals and hundreds more. Adiant helps agencies and advertisers connect with qualified customers in highly credible environments at the right time – when they are browsing for quality information.

About Adiant

Adiant is a digital media technology company whose mission is to deliver the most innovative advertising solutions to quality publishers and advertisers. Our brands have been engineered from the ground up to offer both immediate and long-term sustained value with a high level of customer service. For more information visit


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