Yarnall: Google AdSense Lawsuit ‘Not Surprising’

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May 21, 2014 
Mike Daly  |

ADOTAS – Google is being sued for alleged AdSense fraud, according to CNET, and at least one ad tech CEO has seemingly reacted with a virtual shrug of the shoulders.

“My view, as a CEO that has experience with both sides of this issue — I’ve run a publisher network that has experienced these type of deductions from Google, and I currently run a company focused on blocking ad fraud — is that this lawsuit is not surprising given Google’s policy of non-communication with publishers,” said Timur Yarnall (pictured), CEO of Mdotlabs. “Google doesn’t provide any tools to their AdSense publisher partners to help them avoid these issues, and typically sends very harsh, form-letter notices when they deduct revenue from a publishers account (similar to what the IRS might send an individual or business in an audit notice).

“However, Google is in a difficult position in regards to this issue, as any tools or information that they might provide to an AdSense publisher on how to avoid ad fraud may in turn be used against Google — an unscrupulous website publisher may simply try to determine what Google does or does not define as fraud and then adjust their own scam tactics based on this definition.”

Yarnall added that because Google’s terms and conditions are very clear in giving Google the right to do what is described in the lawsuit, “the plaintiff may have a difficult time succeeding in the suit.”

FYI: We cast a fairly wide net for comments on the suit, but Yarnall was the only industry leader to respond. Go figure.

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