Why Facebook’s Anonymous Login Feature is a Big Deal

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May 2, 2014 
Mike Daly  |

ADOTAS – Facebook announced a new feature called Anonymous Login earlier this week, and some may be left wondering what data is shared/exposed when they login to sites & apps with their social IDs.

To address this question, Janrain has created a mini-site where anyone can get an instant visualization of the social data that trails after them when they log in. We gave it a test drive, and the results were eye-opening.

“The navigator was designed to show users what data is available from within their profile,” said Jamie Beckland (pictured), Janrain’s VP of Customer Success, “and most users will notice that Facebook has a large data payload — larger than many other social networks. We have heard from users that it’s difficult to understand what information could be shared from Facebook. That sentiment was a big driver for Facebook to develop Anonymous Login.”

“Anonymous Login is Facebook’s answer to the death of cookies,” added Janrain CEO Larry Drebes. “Cookies just don’t work for mobile. This is a new way to handle customer profile management for unique users across devices without forcing the user to give up personal data.”

Jeff Dachis, Chief Evangelist and Advisor at Sprinklr, said Anonymous Login is going to be a major friction reducer for everyone in the Facebook ecosystem.

“As a user you’ll be able to get access to a lot more, while giving up a lot less,” said Dachis. “As an advertiser you’ll be able to drive more high quality engagement from ads. And Facebook stands to benefit greatly from happier users and happier advertisers.”

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