Twitter for Business Case Study: Domino’s UK’s #BigNightIn


The primary marketing spend for most brands is television. And why not? It has massive reach and its generally high production sight, sound and motion commercials are effective creating consumer interest and ultimately moving product. But what if brands could spend a relatively small amount of money to amplify the impact of those expensive TV ads? This is just starting to happen and the results are pretty amazing. Here is one example from Domino’s Pizza Group is the world’s leading pizza delivery company.

To drive awareness of its latest deals, increase user engagement and boost sales, Domino’s UK wanted to test the effectiveness of Twitter as a platform to reach people gathered around the TV with friends or family on the weekend who are likely to order in.

Working with Twitter marketing platform partner Adaptly, Domino’s UK used Promoted Tweets targeting users with TV conversation targeting – testing a variety of messaging to find out which resonated best with TV audiences. This included program-specific, brand and offer-led Tweets with jokes and puzzles. It also tested text-led against image-led Promoted Tweets.

For its hashtag, Domino’s UK chose #BigNightIn, which reflected both the campaign name and the target audience. Primarily, the campaign targeted big UK audience-drawing reality TV shows like “The X-Factor,” “Strictly Come Dancing” and “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.” It also targeted football and rugby fans who were gathered together watching games on a Saturday afternoon.

The results

The results of the campaign exceeded expectations and achieved Domino’s UK’s engagement goals. #BigNightIn recorded a strong average engagement rate of 5.2% and a low CPE of £0.21. Several Promoted Tweets saw engagement rates of more than 20%, peaking at 23%: an all-time high for Domino’s UK.

Throughout the campaign, exposure of the brand name and #BigNightIn hashtag steadily increased, amplified by Adaptly’s Promoted Tweets. Overall, the number of @Dominos_UK mentions was more than 24,000, with more than three million impressions.

Significantly, the campaign allowed the brand to learn about its customers by identifying key programming, like football, to target in future campaigns. It also established that Domino’s UK was able to successfully engage a group of users who are at home at the weekend.

The #BigNightIn campaign also highlighted how Tweets with images can deliver far greater results. Domino’s UK saw engagements rates rise from 1% to 15%+ for Promoted Tweets with images.

Lessons for Marketers

1. Choose a unique hashtag. @Dominos_UK wanted a hashtag that was catchy and would speak to its audience. #BigNightIn reflected both what its audience was doing with their evening and the kind of programming that it was targeting.

2. Engage through rich media and humor. Share photos and rich media that capture your audience’s attention and include copy that spurs users to action. @Dominos_UK sent Tweets with images, puzzles and jokes to engage viewers on the second screen. These Tweets proved to be the most successful in terms of viewer engagement.

3. Use interest targeting to connect. Using TV conversation targeting, @Dominos_UK targeted Promoted Tweets to viewers who were interested in celebrity and sports to ensure that it was connecting with the most receptive audience.


Dominos has long relied on TV to reach its target audience: people who stay home to watch TV and order Pizza delivery. But the behavior of this audience has changed, and although they are still staying home and watching TV, it is increasingly a second-screen experience for them. But we did not see this as a challenge; we saw it as an opportunity. By leveraging Twitter’s TV Targeting, Dominos was able to take a small incremental investment in social media and turn it into big incremental results.



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