Trapit Unveils Authentic ‘3D Storytelling’ for Businesses


PALO ALTO, May 13, 2014 (ADOTAS) — Trapit, the application to discover and deliver relevant content to the right audience, today announced significant enhancements of its commercial service for authentic storytelling. Built for the needs of marketers, agencies, publishers, sales and teams of knowledge workers, Trapit helps business users find and publish quality content targeted to engage their audiences in real-time, at the right time, on any device, and provides detailed analysis how it’s received.

“Trapit is the only service to cut through the Internet’s rising noise level with what you might call ‘3D storytelling.’ Discover the knowledge that matters. Deliver it with an authentic voice. And decode in real-time what strikes a nerve with your audience,” said Gary Griffiths (pictured), co-founder and CEO. “We can do that for two reasons. Trapit is built on the largest artificial intelligence project in history, and on the feedback from more than 10 million users of Trapit’s consumer app. We combined both to design an elegant and powerful application to harness ‘Big Content’ for any business or team.”

Trapit combines the best of human and data-driven discovery and search to distill the web’s information down to its pure essence. The service draws on an unrivaled library of more than 100,000 sources, including blogs, professional journals, news services, magazines, and video feeds which have been discovered by technology and vetted by human editors.

Trapit’s algorithms index, analyze, rate, and remove duplicates from this content, taming Big Content — unstructured masses of data (text, video, and audio) —  into individually categorized, digestible and relevant information streams. Trapit also scores content for relevance to the individual curator or end-user before presenting it in the curator’s user interface, which has been completely redesigned for ease of use and speed.

With a few clicks, organizations can pick and choose just the content that matters to a particular audience at that moment, and then share or publish it through the channels they select. That can be scheduled posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a live content feed on their own site, blog or a custom mobile app. Trapit also provides the ability to create powerful, rules-based automation so curators can train the application and let it do the work while they can focus on other tasks.

“The world is awash in information, which makes it crucial to stand out from the robo-feeds and ads,” explained Henry Nothhaft Jr., co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “Content marketing services lack the breadth and depth of sources, or they simply bundle feeds with no regard for quality or relevance. Trapit gives a curator all the information and tools in a single browser window.”

On the backend, curators can perform a detailed analysis of the engagement with each piece of content, down to every single like or comment. That way, they have complete visibility into how content resonates with an audience and can easily make adjustments. Trapit integrates with leading social media and marketing automation platforms to streamline an organization’s storytelling for a data-driven world.

“Trapit is the best tool to power social selling for our brand,” said Bob Braham, Chief Marketing Officer at SGI, the leader in high-performance computing.  “We can discover, curate, publish and analyze all relevant internal and external content in one application. That way, SGI engages prospects with its brand before they even talk to our sales team, and we deliver compelling content to existing customers.”

Trapit grew out of the DARPA-funded “CALO Project,” a $200 million dollar artificial intelligence research project that was contracted to the venerable SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute) in Silicon Valley alongside the natural language processing and machine learning technology that became Siri.

After launching an award-winning consumer app to effortlessly discover and “trap” personally relevant news in 2011, Trapit’s founding team decided to use the valuable feedback to refine and redesign the service into a commercial application. The latest version combines the ease of use and visual elegance of the consumer app with the feature set an organization needs to engage its audience and measure content ROI. Current customers are Hearsay Social, Prime Media, Beamly, Astro Consumer Entertainment Group, Deloitte, investment firm HD Vest, SGI, and many others.

About Trapit

Trapit has created the world’s most powerful application for curating content. We help organizations of all kinds discover and deliver high quality, relevant content to share their brand’s authentic voice, engage their audience, and get results. Founded in 2010, the company is based in Palo Alto and venture-backed by Horizon Ventures and SRI International.


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