Today’s Burning Question: AdTech’s Perspective on Net Neutrality Ruling

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May 16, 2014 
Mike Daly  |

ADOTAS — Today we solicited responses from AdTech industry leaders in reaction to this morning’s FCC ruling on net neutrality.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the FCC today advanced new Internet rules that would ban broadband providers from blocking or slowing down websites, but allow them to strike deals with content companies for preferential treatment. The proposal also invites input from all parties on a host of issues, including whether broadband should be reclassified as a public utility, which would subject it to far greater regulation.

Gizmodo, for one, hates the idea. And Funny or Die has put its uniquely satirical pin on the issue:

Here’s how industry experts are reacting to the ruling:

“This is a historic decision that has serious implications. It will put America behind in more than one ways. This decision means that customers will get ‘slower’ Internet speeds for majority of the web traffic. The monopoly of ATT, Comcast & Verizon will further ensure that users will experience slower internet and higher prices. This also a is bad news for the tech industry/start ups and entrepreneurs that rely on digital /mobile and internet who will now be at disadvantage. It’s a decision made by the ‘Big Government’ protecting interest of the ‘Big Corporations.’ It attacks the core of American entrepreneurship and will impact hundreds of thousands of small businesses. For example, a small online retailer is now more likely to lose customers to large companies like Amazon because his consumer will have slower Internet as compared to Amazon. This decision puts all small business owners whose business depends on the Internet at disadvantage. Finally, this decision will hurt America which is already behind the rest of the world in broadband experience. This decision will slow down innovation, slow down competition and will have an adverse impact on many parts of the economy.” – Saurabh Bhatia, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Vdopia Inc.

“In addition the number of issues that will arise between the investment community and telecom companies, this proposal can greatly affect consumer experience. As marketers increasingly invest in publishing relevant content around their products and services, they will be at a disadvantage if they cannot afford to pay incremental fees for preferential status. This ‘pay for play’ model could result in poorer conversion rates and subpar brand experiences. Net Neutrality allows for a level playing field that empowers companies to perform based on the relevancy and value they deliver to their consumers.” – Chris Paradysz, CEO of  digital marketing agency PM Digital, and founder of its traditional marketing arm Paradysz.

“The FCC has for a long time failed to act to preserve the vital principle of net neutrality, and I’m afraid this decision may be too little too late. At best, it’s a step in the right direction, but if fails to provide complete protection for net neutrality, and we have seen in one arena after another how business can take advantage of every loophole that they can find. Until the FCC plugs absolutely prohibits discrimination among internet service providers, net neutrality will continue to be in danger of being undermined and ultimately eliminated.” – Lance A. Strate. Professor of Communication and Media Studies and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, Fordham University.

“The FCC has ruined what was once the best free broadcast system in the world. They have allowed the cable guys to screw the consumer (more ways than there is space here), and now are considering prostituting what is the most democratic means of communication. Enough already, enough!” – Bob Gordon, president and co-publisher, The Auto Channel.

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Reader Comments.

The FCC has ruined what was once the best free broadcast system in the world, they have allowed the cable guys to screw the consumer (more ways than there is space here) and now are considering prostituting what is the most democratic means of communication…enough already enough.

Posted by Bob Gordon | 11:22 am on May 16, 2014.

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