This Week’s 5 Best Video Ads: Nike, Umea, Nissan, Apple, New York Rescue Mission


ADOTAS — Apple becomes even more Gigantic, a car cleans itself and The Hulk plays football. Yep, it’s just another week in AdLand.

But which ads have been setting the web alight over the last seven days? Here are our five picks.


5. Nike Football, “Winner Stays”

The march towards this summer’s World Cup continues, and Nike already can’t wait to show off its new bag of tricks.

Famed for blockbuster sporting ads like 2010’s “Write The Future,” the sports brand must already be feeling the pressure to live up to expectations this year. To show they’ve got things under control, they’ve just released “Winner Stays,” a characteristically ambitious spot that perfectly showcases Nike’s considerable marketing clout.

Besides the requisite starring appearances from Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, there’s also cheeky cameos from Marvel’s Hulk and (slightly inexplicably) Kobe Bryant. If this is only Nike’s warm-up performance, we’re looking forward to the main event.

4. Umea Energi, “Living with Lag”

A brilliant little experiment from Swedish broadband provider Umea, this spot looks out how we’d deal with “the Internet’s biggest disturbance” in our everyday lives.

The issue in question is lag, when a weak internet connection leads to frustratingly slow response times. Rigging up an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with a three-second delay, our intrepid testers set about living with lag.

The results are predictably ridiculous, with table tennis and cooking getting equally messy. Of course, that’s the point Umea are getting at it, and you’ll free grateful everyday life isn’t as laggy as a “Call of Duty” game.

Speaking of which, if they added some angry virtual children to verbally abuse you over the headset, they’d have the gaming experience down pat.

3. Nissan, “World’s First Self-Cleaning Car”

You remember last year when little-known brand Neverwet released a video claiming its magic potion could waterproof pretty much anything on God’s green Earth? We were unfeasibly excited at the time, and now Nissan has done the obvious: cover a whole car in the stuff.

Well, that’s not exactly it, but this is in lieu of in-depth scientific explanation. Setting out to create the world’s first self-cleaning car, Nissan fashioned a little experiment and put their vehicle through its paces.

As you can probably guess, the formula works like a charm. All I’m wondering is, what happens when you drive through a car-wash? Now that’s a head-scratcher for a Friday morning.

2. Apple, “Powerful”

Perhaps the best use of a Pixies song since the world blew up toWhere Is My Mind” at the end of “Fight Club,” Apple’s latest spot hooks into some real ’80s nostalgia (with a modern twist).

“Powerful” begins with various musicians tuning up, distorting and synchronising their instruments with the help of the iPhone 5s. Eventually, they start belting out the chorus to the uber-catchy “Gigantic.”

As super-groups go, this band is pretty eclectic. You’ve got the no-nonsense kid on drums, the funky performance artist on harp and a woman who looks like Kiefer Sutherland’s daughter from “24” rocking the mic. Hey, there’s even a rocket launch at the end, so that’s the pyrotechnics sorted.

1. New York Rescue Mission, “Have the Homeless Become Invisible?”

In a twisted game of “You’ve Been Framed,” charity New York Rescue Mission disguised random citizens’ family members as homeless people and watched to see if they’d cotton on.

While it sounds like something Ashton Kutcher might have done on “Punk’d” circa 2003, the ad is making a serious point. In cities where we encounter the homeless every day, just looking ahead and walking by has become standard operating procedure for a lot of people.

Looking to alert people to the cost of everyday indifference, “Have the Homeless Become Invisible?” is certainly an alarming statement on modern empathy and apathy.

— David Waterhouse


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