The World’s Best Video Ads: CNA, Google Glass, Save The Children, SSU, Cerveza Cristal

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ADOTAS –Google Glass goes on a trip to India, Chile’s World Cup Squad uses scare tactics and the European Elections get their social video moment. Yep, it’s just another week in AdLand.

But which ads have been setting the web alight over the last seven days? Here are our five picks.


5. CNA, “Speaking Exchange”

English-language school CNA puts the mighty power of the internet to pedagogic ends in their border-crossing innovation “Speaking Exchange.”

Presented with Brazilian students eager to improve their English and American senior citizens looking for a bit of a chat, CNA had the bright idea to put them together and benefit everyone. What results isn’t the hilarious unlikely buddy comedy that concept promises, but it is quite a sweet look at how the internet can connect disparate people with shared goals.

While the focus on the American retirement home is a tad condescending (cue shots of iPad solitaire, the loneliest of apps), this is probably the most productive use of video-conferencing since long-distance relationships were invented.

4. Google Glass, “Seeds”

While I’m still not exactly sure why this charming spot from Google Glass is called “Seeds,” don’t let the obscure title throw you off. First-person video advertising is here to stay.

While Neft Vodka used a similar trick last year to more outrageous effect, ‘Seeds’ takes the classic travelogue ad and uses Google’s wearable tech to put the viewer in the driver’s seat.

While the ad concerns our unseen hero delivering a mysterious package to India, I was mostly distracted by gung-ho he is with his Google Glass. Seriously, one minute he’s hanging off the side of trains, and then he’s leaning over the side of speeding boats. Has no one told him he has thousands of dollars’ worth of tech strapped to his face?

3. Save The Children, “The Most Important ‘Sexy’ Model Video Ever”

What’s sexy about malnutrition and malaria? You guessed it, nothing at all.

That’s pretty much the gist of Save The Children’s bizarre take on “sexy” modelling adverts, inviting a series of impeccably-groomed men and women to stare deep into the camera and say “Diarrhea” as seductively as possible. Not such an easy ask, as it turns out.

The idea is that these issues, including the thousands of mothers and children who die every year from preventable causes, aren’t inherently sexy but we should care nonetheless. It’s an attention-grabbing idea and a noble cause, but it is also kind of weirdly pins the blame on attractive models. While I’m not quite sure what they have to do with it, some boosted awareness for Save The Children never goes amiss.

2. SSU, “Never Forget. To Vote”

In the lead-up to next week’s European elections, Sweden’s Social Democratic Youth League releases this reminder of the power of democracy and the lingering vestiges of fascism.

The spot features Rainer Hoss, the grandson of Auschwitz’s chief commander, Rudolf Hoss. Speaking in voice-over, Rainer relays his family’s connection to Europe’s far-right past and his fears of similar groups emerging even in the 21st century.

As the title suggests, Rainer and the SSU’s message is all about active participation and the affirmation of democratic principles. So, Europeans, don’t forget this coming Thursday. Vote.

1. Cristal, “#ChileMeteMiedo”

Chilean beer brand Cristal (no relation to the champagne, presumably) unites patriots and film-nerds in their bizarre teaser for Brazil’s World Cup this summer.

Riffing through horror movies like “The Shining,” “The Ring” and a particularly preposterous spoof of “The Sixth Sense” set in a London pub, the spot establishes the Chilean football squad as a terrifying and universal menace. It’s bit like if Gary Lineker had written “The Cabin In The Woods.”

Given that the video is in Spanish without English subtitles, extra points should be avoided for managing to make me chuckle despite the language barrier. I guess premises this mad-cap transcend words.

— David Waterhouse


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