NativeX Launches First Native Ad Exchange Designed for Mobile Games


SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, 2014 (ADOTAS) — NativeX today announced the launch of its global native ad exchange designed to best monetize free-to-play mobile games. The NativeX ad exchange is the first and only mobile ad exchange built for mobile games, which attract the most activity on iOS and Android devices by far, but are extremely difficult for most developers to monetize. Using predictive analytics, the NativeX ad exchange was built to maximize ad revenue for reward and non-reward ad campaigns, regardless of conversion type (CPM, CPC, CPI, CPE, or CPV), including video, interstitials and multi-offer ads (reward and non-reward), as well as featured offer alerts (reward only).

“The mobile game market can’t fully prosper until native ad solutions mature into native monetization tools, and it’s become our mission to focus on mobile game monetization to drive the market to realize it’s potential,” said Robert Weber (pictured), SVP and co-founder of NativeX.  “It is no longer just about targeting the right ad to the right user at the right time. Game developers have unique opportunities to make more money from advertising based on their in-game economies. Our NativeX ad exchange extracts maximum value from every single ad impression.”

In the NativeX ad exchange, native ad treatments can be customized to include game elements or characters. The developer or publisher can also define specific, contextual ad formats according to the ad placement in the game. For example, at a point where a player has just run out of virtual currency, rather than having to buy more with an in-app purchase, they can instead choose to engage with a video ad served to them in exchange for virtual currency. Native ad treatments can then be tested against each other to determine the most effective experience, allowing the developer to take more control of the user experience, making sure their ads are minimally intrusive, even enjoyable, for their players.

To increase global fill rates for publishers, NativeX has partnered with more than 50 of the largest demand sources for both reward and non-reward ads in the world, bringing thousands of new ad campaigns from brands and apps to NativeX publishers every day. These new partnerships are part of a series of new relationships that have supercharged NativeX’s non-reward and reward offerings throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

About NativeX

NativeX is creating the leading ad technology for games. For developers who want to monetize with advertising that really works, NativeX is the marketing technology platform that is reinventing in-app advertising to create more effective and engaging ad experiences that enable developers to build successful businesses around their apps. Native advertising becomes part of the user experience and it out-performs standard display advertising, often doubling or tripling revenue for publisher partners. For more information, visit or email Follow us on Twitter @nativex.



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