Mindshare and Blab Announce Adaptive Marketing Partnership


SEATTLE, May 5, 2014 (ADOTAS) — Blab today announced that BlabPredicts has been integrated into THE LOOP, Mindshare North America’s proprietary operating system that serves consumer insights in real time that teams act on to “close the loop” of owned, earned, and paid media.

BlabPredicts, a predictive marketing analytics platform, predicts future conversation resonance up to 72 hours in advance and with 70 percent accuracy system-wide, to give brands the advantage to take predictive actions before trends unfold. Leveraging BlabPredicts in THE LOOP, the Mindshare team will have access to earlier data to make informed media decisions and adjust media spend and content across their entire digital marketing platform.

“Adaptive Marketing is about ensuring brands are in the moment when it matters most to consumers. This means being armed with the right data and insights to be ‘always-ready’ to make decisions and act quickly and take advantage of that moment,” said Bob Ivins (pictured), Chief Data Officer, Mindshare. “With BlabPredicts feeding into THE LOOP, we’ll know when and where key conversations will gain velocity 72 hours in advance. This is a great advantage, especially for our clients in the most competitive categories.”

BlabPredicts dynamically organizes conversations that matter into topics that make sense. Then it delivers a multifact prediction on the conversation’s velocity, time, and channel allocation up to 72 hours in advance, enabling predictive actions. It analyzes text as well as images and video across thousands of real-time data sources from major social channels, content platforms, blogs and news services to give you the complete picture.

Conversations are organized based on size, velocity, channel, and contextual relevance, using any topic or area of interest as a seed term for discovery versus traditional search terms. Blab uncovers the contextually relevant but also the non-obvious conversations about brand, competitors, campaigns etc., then predicts when and where key conversations will gain velocity over the next 24, 48 and 72 hours.

“Until now, getting a handle on the messy data of the social firehose was impossible to uncover or understand. Search and monitoring tools are only as good as a rear view mirror, and we all know that past performance doesn’t guarantee future success,” said Randy Browning, Blab CEO. “We want brands to recognize they need predictive insights to optimize real-time marketing. In order to do that you need to tap into The Now and The Next. Simply put, it’s the difference between making a decision on yesterday’s clicks versus what will be important tomorrow to your target audience.”

BlabPredicts is available as an enterprise license with pricing based on number of topics analyzed. To learn more about features and benefits please click here.

About Mindshare

Mindshare is a global media agency network with billings in excess of US$31.4 billion (source: RECMA). The network consists of more than 7,000 employees, in 116 offices across 86 countries spread throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Each office is dedicated to forging competitive marketing advantage for businesses and their brands based on the values of speed, teamwork and provocation. Mindshare is part of GroupM, which oversees the media investment management sector for WPP, the world’s leading communications services group.


THE LOOP, a physical room and also a cultural change in workingpractice operational in the US and being rolled-out to Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, the UK and the agency’ s Worldwide office in London. The first tool of its kind to impact not only earned and owned, but importantly paid media, THE LOOP enables clients not only to plan more adaptively and to benefit from more collaborative and adaptive decision making powered by data, but it also enables the shift of media spend quickly to leverage opportunities uncovered by real time data during campaigns – a holistic process Mindshare calls Adaptive Marketing.

About BlabPredicts

Blab is a pioneer in the category of Predictive Social Intelligence. Blab applies proprietary technology and big data processing to organize, pattern, and predict tomorrow’s online conversations today. Brands rely on BlabPredicts to understand what matters now, and predict what will matter next, giving businesses the daily predictive intelligence they need to adapt strategies, maximize opportunities, and minimize threats. For more information please visit www.blabpredicts.com.


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