Jivox Brings Rich Media Features to Native Ads


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 20, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Jivox, provider of the leading data-driven ad platform for developing and serving personalized advertising, today announced six new native ad formats that incorporate rich media features for a non-intrusive, highly interactive ad experience for consumers.

Powered by Jivox IQ, the company’s award-winning rich media ad platform, the Jivox Native Ad units are first to bring rich media functionality to the native experience and deliver a wide range of features, including:

  • Free-form layouts and designs. Unlike most native ad units in the market that are built with rigid templates, Jivox Native Ad formats are fully customizable, enabling advertisers to provide a rich experience for the consumer while accomplishing branding goals.
  • Multi-Screen. All Jivox ad units are built with HTML5 to ensure they render optimally on all screens.  In addition, creative assets that were previously developed in Flash or other legacy applications are automatically converted to HTML5 in Jivox IQ, eliminating static fallbacks and ensuring high viewability across all devices.
  • Deep analytics. Every single interactive feature in a Jivox Native Ad unit is tracked automatically, providing advertisers with detailed metrics on user engagement within the ad units.
  • Easy implementation: Jivox Native Ads can easily be integrated into the publisher’s content well without extensive integration between the ad server or page code. In most cases, the native ad unit can be added to the page in a matter of minutes and trafficked via industry standard ad servers like DoubleClick for Publishers, OAS, Atlas and others.

Native advertising is designed to offer an ad experience that is unobtrusive and effective. Because of their unique ability to reach audiences without compromising user experience, brands are adopting native advertisements at rapid rates. BIA/Kelsey estimated that this year, U.S. native ad spending on social sites will reach $2.36 billion, or 38.9 percent of total U.S. paid social ad expenditures. Furthermore, this number is predicted to reach $4.57 billion by 2017.

“Before now, advertisers have had no other option but to use static images in native ad content, which restricts creativity and limits engagement,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO and founder of Jivox. “Using the Jivox IQ ad platform to develop and serve rich media native ads, brands can serve the ads at scale with creative freedom, and can get outstanding results.”

The new native ad formats from Jivox include:

1. Video Reveal, which invites users to watch a video by clicking on an expansion bar at the bottom of the screen. When the ad is expanded, it results in a highly engaging experience that increases time spent engaging with the brand.

2. Full Page Reveal, which offers a teaser video thumbnail with an enticing title. When clicked, the thumbnail opens up a media rich and contextually relevant large full-page canvas.

3. Content Page Reveal, which invites creativity by displaying an image and strong call to action. When collapsed, the ad interactive animations, video, images and other feeds.

4. Image Feed Gallery, which is a simple yet elegant way of showcasing a brand image without much text or copy. The ad can be included in a Pinterest or Instagram feed that takes the user to the brand’s social media page.

5. In Feed, which is a simple native ad unit that does not require much by way of creative assets. The ad simply displays one or more articles in the news feed of a site.

6. Native Banner, which is a great “starter” ad unit that enables publishers who do not have inventory or do not want to create inventory within the content well of their sites to use existing ad media for a native-like experience. This ad unit increases engagement by enabling content from the site or any third party content to be fed into the unit via an RSS feed.

This announcement demonstrates yet another investment Jivox has made in the native ad space. In June 2013, the company announced that native advertising features like content feeds, galleries and live feeds are available within its ad formats including all standard Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) banner ad formats and Rising Stars ad formats.


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