UPDATED: Google Acquires Adometry


ADOTAS — Google has acquired Adometry to build on the momentum of Google Analytics Premium and other existing measurement and analytics offerings, according to announcement issued earlier today.

Adometry also announced the news on its blog.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join Google — a company that shares our core values,” wrote Adometry CEO Paul Pellman (pictured). “Not only do they focus on innovation and solving big problems, but also like Adometry, they seek to provide brands and their agency partners with the analytics and insights to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns.”

Pellman said Adometry “will continue to offer the same excellent service our clients have come to expect, and there will be no immediate changes to our current offerings or contracts. We’ll be reaching out to all of our customers individually to discuss future plans in the coming weeks.”

Industry Reaction

Ratko Vidakovic, SiteScout’s Senior Director Product Programmatic, said he likes the move.

With Adometry being a leader in advanced attribution, with a strong fraud detection offering as well, Google made a smart buy,” said Vidakovic. “To me this demonstrates that Google is clearly focused on rounding out their ad stack with a component that is highly desired by marketers right now: attribution. It also signals that they could be doubling down on their fraud detection stack with some extra firepower. Both of these components seem to share a common thread: a focus on delivering value to marketers and agencies.”

“Solving for multichannel attribution had, until recently, been the province of digital marketing pioneers only,” added Michael McVeigh, VP of Advisory Services Practices, Paradysz. “But in the last 12 months, we’ve been increasingly operationalizing attribution analytics projects with our clients. As we mine their multichannel marketing data for actionable insights and quantify the contribution between channels, we find new opportunities for marketing investments. Certainly, that is what Google will seek to democratize as well: better insights into marketing performance that loosens the purse strings on advertising dollars.”

“Yesterday’s acquisition of Adometry by Google is good news for the industry,” said Tom Phillips, CEO, Dstillery. “It confirms that the digital advertising business is primed to adopt a more holistic view of consumers. As a long-term partner of Adometry, we applaud their efforts to bring sophisticated attribution to an industry whose huge potential is limited only by confusion over metrics. The attribution technology offered by Adometry and a handful of other vendors provides a deeper consumer understanding, and dramatically more reliable metrics for advertising impact. Their approach is critical to successful cross-platform marketing. It provides greater media efficiency, allows marketers to make smarter decisions across channels and drives long-term results. It’s no mystery that the Google-Adometry announcement was followed quickly by the AOL-Convertro announcement.”



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