eZanga.com CEO Discusses Impact of Google’s Adometry Acquisition


MIDDLETOWN, Del., May 8, 2014 (ADOTAS) — On May 6, Google announced that it had acquired Adometry, the Texas-based ad firm specializing in online distribution. This change should not negatively impact the experience of eZanga customers on the ad platform. It’s expected that the two companies working together will improve the product Adometry offers its customers while helping the industry and users of the eZanga platform, alike. As eZanga uses Adometry in its trio of services aimed at preventing click fraud, some customers may question how that might impact the Adometry services that many customers and eZanga use.

eZanga CEO Rich Kahn addressed how eZanga expects that Google’s purchase of Adometry should help their AdPad platform thrive.

“Ideally, Adometry will grow because now that they are working more directly with Google; they will inevitably receive data from Google and that should only help improve the third-party scoring metrics and other services that we, and other companies that use them, receive from Adometry,” Kahn said on May 7.

Kahn continued, “eZanga employs its own fraud-elimination management system, Traffic Advisors 7, along with third-party validators including Adometry and Fraudlogix to help ensure the traffic that is delivered to clients is clean, and that the clicks provided to its customers are legitimate.”

Adometry announced the purchase in their blog on May 6, “We couldn’t be more excited to join Google — a company that shares our core values. Not only do they focus on innovation and solving big problems, but also like Adometry, they seek to provide brands and their agency partners with the analytics and insights to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns.”

Adometry CEO Paul Pellman continued, “Longer-term, we’re excited to begin working with our new colleagues at Google, including the Google Analytics Premium team, to offer great attribution solutions for both our customers and theirs. Stay tuned!”

It is expected that the new relationship between the two companies will ultimately help eZanga, because the ad platform will likely capitalize on data Adometry will acquire from Google, helping eZanga continue to provide the most legitimate traffic to its customers.

According to the Google Analytics G+ page, operations will continue as is at Adometry. “In the near term, it’s business-as-usual for Adometry — and nothing’s changing for their customers. But over time, we’re excited to bring our teams together and offer a great attribution service to Google and Adometry customers alike.”

About eZanga.com

eZanga is a digital marketing company that helps companies grow their business through multiple advertising solutions, including pay per click and cost per call. Since their launch in 2003, eZanga has grown from a tiny tech startup to an award-winning small business. eZanga has been on the Inc. 500|5000 list for five consecutive years and has been recognized as one of Philadelphia’s fastest growing companies by Philly100, Deloitte and SmartCEO Magazine.


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