Epoxy Helps Brands Increase Engagement with Video-Focused Platform


LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Epoxy today launches social-first video tools enabling online video creators to connect with their audience where they engage most. Integrating YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Epoxy boasts proprietary distribution, engagement and analytics features to help creators organically develop a fan base and drive incremental views. With a deep background from both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, funding from industry thought leaders and a seasoned team of technology, content and social experts behind it, Epoxy is poised to change the way online video is distributed, consumed and ultimately monetized.

Online video continues to achieve exponential growth. Globally, online video traffic is expected to be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016. Social networks are major drivers of online video discovery, viewing and sharing. YouTube itself is a social network of massive proportion, but the other social majors are critical, and too often overlooked. Viewers watch 500 years of YouTube videos everyday on Facebook and share over 700 videos per minute on Twitter. The speed, magnitude and discovery mechanics of social are key to the online video ecosystem.

“Epoxy is built on the realization that online video is a social medium,” said Juan Bruce (pictured), the company’s co-founder and CEO. “Before creating any software, we talked with the most innovative and successful creators in online video and they repeatedly emphasized the importance of audience and social. Success is fueled by fans and fan base is driven by a socially engaged community. However, it’s not just about a fan base on one platform; it’s about growing an engaged and fanatical audience across multiple platforms. We realize creating this kind of following and viewership can be difficult. That’s why we created Epoxy – to make a difficult process easier and to give creators the best tools to leverage powerful social and mobile platforms.”

Epoxy integrates YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the most powerful way possible for video publishers. The software is comprised of two distinct components: engagement and insights tools for video creators, and social apps that provide best-in-class viewing experiences for audiences across web, mobile and tablet. Epoxy also serves enterprise needs with network-wide data and proprietary video player integration for publishers looking to extend beyond YouTube. Team tools facilitate seamless collaboration from one central login for creators and enterprise alike. Epoxy understands the diverse tasks online video creators perform and provides an intuitive, easy-to-use software toolset to make video a social success.

“We heard time and again from creators that success in online video is actually about social,” said Jason Ahmad, co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “The social web is the most powerful lever for connecting with fans, and it’s designed from the ground up for consumers to discover and follow content they love. Epoxy bridges the gap between video and social in a way that’s foundational for anyone who thinks their fans are the most important part of their world.”

“We’re on the cusp of a fascinating era,” Bruce added. “In the last decade online video has made enormous technical achievements allowing consumers to access video on any device in any location. The challenge is now how to navigate this world and better serve consumer habits and preferences. We need to give the audience the interaction they crave on their platform and device of choice in a way that also serves the publisher.”

About Epoxy

Epoxy is the only social-focused video tool, helping online video creators control their content and connect with fans where they already engage the most – on social media. Its unique underlying technology combines the best distribution, engagement and viewing experiences into one central location. Epoxy was funded by Upfront Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Downey Ventures, Advancit Capital and strategic angels. Our team backgrounds include Stanford, Brown, MIT, CalTech, Adobe, Apple, GroupMe, Mixpanel, MSG, NASA and Pixar. For more information, visit epoxy.tv.


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