Disney Wraps ‘Million Dollar Arm’ Around New Yahoo! Movies Digital Mag


ADOTAS – Going to the movies has always been a special treat – allowing us to escape the predictable humdrum of daily life and be transported to vibrant worlds filled with evocative new characters. The movie-going experience is always something I’ve looked forward to: standing in line with friends at the box office, grabbing a heavily salted bucket of popcorn and selecting the optimally positioned red velvet seats in anticipation of the flick to begin.

In a bid to capture the attention of die-hard movie buffs such as I, Yahoo last week unveiled its latest digital magazine, Yahoo Movies in partnership with Disney Pictures.

“Watching movies isn’t just about going to the theater or renting DVDs anymore: People are devouring films on their phones, tablets and laptops,” Yahoo wrote on its blog. “And that’s where Yahoo! Movies lives as well, with a full screen experience for first-look movie trailers, behind-the-scenes scoops, and red-carpet galleries.”

Disney Pictures partnered with Yahoo for the launch as a way to help promote its latest film “Million Dollar Arm,” showcasing a trailer for the film on Yahoo Movies and incorporating new ad formats called Yahoo Splash Ads that were unveiled at the IAB’s Digital Content NewFronts 2014 last month. Yahoo Splash Ads are powering the Disney campaign and offering an opportunity to share entertaining video content with readers.

At Newfronts, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced new content, new ad units and new partnerships, highlighting for areas of continued emphasis for the company – mobile, social, native and video. Yahoo Head of America Ned Brody drilled deeper into the company’s new video and rich media advertising formats, showcasing Splash Ads that it planned to run on Yahoo’s digital magazines for brands like M&Ms and Geico. These tiled ads have an organic feel and are shown natively around existing content and feeds.

“We are in a time of rapid and dramatic change in how people read and view content online. Our goal is to not only enable the future but also to help invent it,” said Kathy Savitt, CMO of Yahoo, in a prepared statement. “Yahoo is focused on connecting artists, storytellers, great content producers and brands with the audiences they want — at scale, across devices, every single day.”

As you plan for your next trip to the theater or are in search of exciting new films to stream and watch in the comfort of your own home, Yahoo Movie provides an all-inclusive free pass to the excitement that digital entertainment has to offer. Not only does it include trailers, movie synopses and reviews from critics, it also has excusive content and behind-the-scenes interviews with Hollywood stars about the characters they play on the big screen. It’s time to grab that buttery bucket of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the film.


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