Video Content Marketing and the Rise of OTT Distribution


ADOTAS — The explosion in interest around content marketing has permeated every type of content, including video. If your company is creating video content, from an educational series to the coverage of a one-off live event, you should think about the new channels that enable live distribution to the masses.

Take a look at the recent news revealed by Amazon, announcing its new set-top box, FireTV (pictured). With its availability, combined with the growing adoption of Over The Top (OTT) platforms, video content marketing could get a lot easier.

The proliferation of OTT platforms and devices like Roku and Google Chromecast can allow communicators to get their video content out to a larger network of consumers in a way that’s quick, easy and secure.

From executive town halls to corporate training, there are many corporate communications use cases to consider.  For example, if your company’s CEO recently spoke on a panel at SXSW, your employees and interested consumers can now watch that live on TV. Or if you were holding a press conference at Mobile World Congress in Spain, your stakeholders and press could watch on TV or on their computer.

Content creation and distribution can move to the next level through the help of OTT platforms.  Brands can leverage them to create their own channel in a way that they couldn’t before. A gym, for example, could give members a Roku with his or her membership and grant them access to a free fitness video channel, increasing the new member’s brand loyalty and giving the gym access to that consumer’s living room.

There are a few big differences in leveraging OTT platforms over a traditional webinar platform.  If you’re leveraging this platform for executive communications, it’s important to note that these networks are more secure than other options.  You can use encryption technology and give everyone an individual code to ensure that confidential information is not put in front of the wrong viewers.

The underlying technology is also something that can save businesses time, money and resources. Instead of having to set up a complicated technology system, you can leverage a technology that is virtually “plug and play.” Why not get the same quality live video for cheaper and broaden your audience?

I emphasize that last point, as one of the biggest false truths about setting up a live stream and leveraging OTT for an event is that it will cannibalize your live audience. From working with many brands and leading marketers, I’ve found that the opposite is true. If an interested party can make it to a live event, they will. Adding a live video component allows you to extend your audience and reach more interested viewers. OTT essentially gives you ability to turn any restaurant, conference room, hotel or even your living room into a broadcast receiving location and provide an easy way to communicate with a mass audience on an ongoing basis.

In short, distribution via OTT platforms could make any content marketing campaign that leverages video a bigger success.



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