Vertical Search Works Acquires addGloo


NEW YORK, April 15, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Vertical Search Works (VSW), the leading semantic search technology company, announced its acquisition of addGloo, a demand-side platform (DSP) focused on integrating real-time semantic analysis with real-time bidding (RTB) for online display advertising. VSW is now in a position to give advertisers a more efficient way to buy, execute and optimize their online campaigns with greater relevance and scale via real-time bidding.

The acquisition supports VSW’s value proposition, which utilizes patented semantic search technology, machine-learning and natural language processing methods to provide relevant content and advertising to users across display, mobile and video advertising channels.  VSW’s technology, in combination with addGloo’s solution, brings a new approach to targeting online content, delivering superior quality, brand safety, optimizations and transparency. By using semantic search to analyze content on the web, brand messages are targeted to the most relevant sites and content pages – advertisers no longer have to worry about being aligned with content that is incompatible with their messages (on sites they don’t recognize).

“Advertisers can now maximize their ROI by controlling where their ads appear and optimizing campaigns based on semantic relevance,” said Colin Jeavons (pictured), CEO and co-founder of VSW. “Coupling the application of VSW’s technology with the new search-to-display value proposition benefits everyone who wants to get more out of their programmatic buying.”

The addGloo demand-side platform (DSP) allows search marketers, and other display advertisers focused on page relevance, to target and bid on display ad inventory using keywords, phrases, subjects and even sentiment. The inventory available to addGloo will be sourced and normalized from all leading RTB ad exchanges, mobile and video exchanges, providing an added layer of transparency for advertisers.

“Real-time semantic targeting is now a reality in the RTB ecosystem,” said Derrick Horner, addGloo co-founder and CEO. “Businesses that rely on search marketing have a better way to tightly integrate search with display campaigns using the same ad creative and familiar keyword targeting and more advanced semantic page targeting.”

“The acquisition allows VSW to continue to lead the way in the evolving online advertising marketplace of integrated search and contextual targeting,” said Kevin Van Lenten, VSW’s Chief Revenue Officer.  “By bringing together our technologies and launching a DSP that works across display, video and mobile, we are well positioned to continue our rapid growth.”

“This DSP creates a highly innovative advertising solution that will deliver superior results for our customers,” added Robert Englander, co-founder and CTO of addGloo.

Horner and Englander are veterans in the online advertising space who share a unique vision of how the dynamics of the ad market influence advertising technologies and where new opportunities are emerging to disrupt traditional business models.

“The talented team at addGloo will be a welcome addition to our expert search, advertising and operations engineers to create robust semantic targeting solutions,” said Jeavons.

About Vertical Search Works™

Vertical Search Works is a search technology company which leverages its proprietary products to deliver more valuable results for advertisers, publishers and consumers across targeted vertical industries. Powered by patented semantic technology, VSW’s products leverage semantic intelligence to establish stronger connections between user intent and content consumption. In doing so, VSW is able to create better connections between words and their meanings in order to provide more relevant online and mobile experiences for consumers and enhanced monetization opportunities for content creators and advertisers. VSW has already seen great success in the vertical search and digital advertising industries, as demonstrated by partnerships with major online publishers and global brands. Learn more about Vertical Search Works at



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