Study: Mobile Rising Stars Ads Inspire More User Interaction than Standard Mobile Ads


NEW YORK, April 7, 2014 (ADOTAS) — Following the induction of five Mobile Rising Stars formats into the official Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Standard Ad Portfolio last year, new Mobile ad effectiveness research showcases the ad formats’ ability to inspire user interaction with the ad, in turn leading to higher brand lift without sacrificing creativity on the smaller mobile screen.

The study by Vibrant Media, comScore and the IAB used ads from three top US brands and found that the Mobile Rising Stars units reported triple the interaction rates of comparable standard mobile banner ads. These superior levels of interaction also generate higher recall, brand impact, positive brand impressions and ad receptivity compared to banners.

As mobile advertising revenues soar – they reached $3 billion in the first half of 2013, a record triple digit growth (+145%) versus the same period in 2012 – interacting within an ad as Rising Stars ad formats offer helps create a non-disruptive mobile brand experience.

The study found that users are three times more likely to interact – defined as sliding, swiping or tapping – with IAB Mobile Rising Star ads, than standard mobile banner ads (8.5% vs. 2.8%). Vibrant’s Mobile Rising Star ads, which include an additional in-text call to action, went even further, achieving a 19.9% interaction rate, 607% over standard mobile banners.

Brand recall was significantly higher as well. Ninety percent of users interacting with the Mobile Rising Star ads were able to recall the brand name and 63% recalled the brand message, compared to only 52% that viewed the banner ad for each metric – a whopping 74% higher brand recall and 22% higher message recall. Mobile Rising Star ad interaction also resulted in more positive ad experiences:

  • Twice as many users had an improved impression of the page (10% vs. 21%).
  • 34% more reported that the ad complemented the article viewed (43% vs. 32%).
  • 39% higher emotional brand resonance – the ad sparked good memories about the brand (44% vs. 32%).

Importantly, the Rising Star ads were also 83% more likely (38% vs. 21%) to improve brand perception and 12% more likely to inspire brand advocacy, with users recommending the brand to family and friends (72% vs. 64%).

“We believe the move to mobile will continue to progress rapidly as more ad networks and publishers figure out the best ways to optimize their content for mobile devices,” said Ariff Quli, SVP, Global Accounts and Marketing for Vibrant Media. “Creating the right experience for users – one that is not only viewable but viewed, not interruptive but intriguing – is the only way to really make an impact.”

“This research clearly confirms that full-screen takeover, user-initiated Rising Star ads inspire user interactions, resulting in stronger mobile ad effectiveness,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives, IAB. “Major brands have already embraced the units to take advantage of their benefits, and these findings make the case for further adoption crystal clear. The Mobile Rising Star formats’ momentum in the marketplace will foster the growth of mobile channel advertising by delivering more engaged, receptive users to brand advertisers.”

The IAB Mobile Rising Stars are part of the larger IAB Rising Stars initiative, which seeks to create new canvasses for brand advertising on digital platforms. These formats are intended to work across all major mobile platforms and allow mobile ad buys at the same scale and scope as typical online display buys.

To download all of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio’s ad format specifications, please go to


Standard experimental design utilizing control/exposed groups were used to measure brand lift, user attitudes and interaction rates among 2,000 adults, ages 18-54 on iOS devices (smartphones and tablets). Fieldwork took place March through October 2013. Recruited respondents were invited to take a survey on their mobile device, either a tablet or smartphone. After viewing a mock web page created to simulate web viewing, respondents were exposed to IAB Mobile Rising Star units, a standard mobile banner or no ad. Three leading brands participated in the study.

Tracking pixels were implemented on test ads to collect interactions by respondents. Results were layered to provide a comprehensive examination of attitudinal results integrated with mobile behavior (swiping, sliding, clicking). For the purpose of the study, interaction rate was defined as the percentage of users who intentionally enter the frame of an ad for at least half a second.

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