Sightly Launches First Video Ad Platform for Local Market

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Apr 24, 2014 
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SAN DIEGO, April 24, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Sightly, the video advertising technology company delivering local, personalized campaigns, has announced the launch of TargetView.  The new platform allows brands, local businesses and their marketing partners to reach prospective customers with video ads tailored just for them on the devices they’re watching in the locations and at the moment they’re watching them.

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As a Google Partner and YouTube Certified company, Sightly offers advertisers an easy and affordable way to run video ads on YouTube, the Google Display Network and other programmatic video, mobile, display and social networks.

“With TargetView, we have built a next generation video ad platform that delivers personalized video ad content to micro-targeted audiences in hyper-local areas on every screen,” said John McIntyre (pictured), founder and CEO of Sightly. “The level of relevancy that highly-targeted ads deliver will forever change how people view and interact with advertising – completely disrupting the industry as we know it.”

According to comScore, a staggering 35 billion online video ads were viewed in the U.S. in December 2013, up more than 200% from 2012. As consumers shift from a single television screen to multiple devices, Sightly allows advertisers to respond to this opportunity and better reach their target audiences. Furthermore, a recent IAB study indicates that the best way to boost response to ads is to personalize them. TargetView advances this notion with a cost-effective and scalable solution for advertisers to quickly create more resonant ads and run highly targeted, personalized campaigns.

“Our technology liberates advertisers and agencies from having to figure out how to reach their audiences and allows them to focus on the message and the creativity they bring to connecting with their customers,” McIntyre added. “Local big data-driven insights fuel the TargetView platform and enable continuous optimization to deliver the highest performance for the dollar.”

To request a demonstration of the platform or information about accessing Sightly’s private beta program, please visit

About Sightly

Sightly is a video advertising technology company, providing brands, local businesses and their marketing partners the ability to deliver personalized ads to micro-targeted audiences in hyper-local areas on every device through YouTube and other online networks. Sightly’s TargetView video ad platform – with dynamic ad personalization, campaign management automation, and data-driven optimization technology – provides the industry’s most effective solution for brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Learn more about Sightly’s local, targeted video platform at

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