Rocket Fuel Publishes 11 Best Practices for Programmatic Advertising


ADOTAS — Coming off one of the most successful IPOs in the past 10 years, ad tech company Rocket Fuel has just published its cheat sheet of dos and don’ts every marketer should know as they dive into the programmatic advertising world.

Rocket Fuel’s new whitepaper, “11 Best Practices for Programmatic Advertising,” is co-authored by the company’s SVP of Customer Success, and helps ensure marketers avoid common programmatic errors to reach maximum success on their campaigns.

The IDC has projected that programmatic buying will grow 53% per year in the U.S. between 2011 and 2016, faster than social, mobile, or video advertising. This rapid growth has left marketers unsure how to optimize their programmatic buying processes.

This whitepaper serves a checklist of simple tactics designed to increase programmatic advertising program’s success, including:

  • Relax your constraints to make full use of all customer data available.
  • Test data models head to head and never commit large budgets until performance is proven.
  • Entrust daily optimization to the algorithms by setting a clearly measurable program objective and letting the algorithms do their job.
  • Share results in real time to optimize programs in real time rather than weekly or monthly.

You can find the whitepaper here, and an accompanying webinar will take place on May 1 (sign up here).



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