Marketo and Acxiom® Partner to Bridge the Gap Between Anonymous Impressions and Personalized Experiences


SAN MATEO, Calif., and LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 8, 2014 (ADOTAS) — Marketo Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTO), the leading provider of marketing software, and Acxiom (NASDAQ: ACXM), an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, today announced a strategic partnership designed to help marketers utilize advanced data insights to tailor marketing content and offers throughout a customer’s interactions and relationship with a brand.

The ability to deliver more personalized content at every juncture in a customer lifecycle is especially important to companies like Curves International, Inc.

“At Curves, we want to help women reach their wellness goals,” said Jacob Stark, director of digital strategy at Curves. “With Marketo and Acxiom, we will finally be able to speak to people about those wellness goals in a cohesive way throughout their Curves experience, from their first interactions with us and continuing through every workout in our fitness centers.”

Providing relevant content to unknown website visitors has long been a challenge for marketers. As a result, digital content delivered via a website or a display advertisement has been impersonal and often irrelevant to customers. By combining Marketo’s customer engagement platform with Acxiom’s industry-leading data and insights, marketers will be able to engage with their audiences in a personalized and consistent manner. Beginning with the very first digital interaction and building additional relevance at every touch point, this new cross-channel solution allows marketers to do what, to this point, has been nearly impossible.

“The Marketo vision has always been focused on helping marketers to create deep, individual customer relationships across channels and over time,” said Phil Fernandez (pictured), president and chief executive officer at Marketo. “By augmenting our industry-leading customer engagement platform with the rich, comprehensive, accurate data from Acxiom’s Audience Operating System™, we are delivering on our vision to unify disparate channels and create timely, individual relationships. Marketo has repeatedly set the agenda for marketing technology innovation and we’re thrilled to raise the bar again with this exciting partnership with Acxiom.”

By integrating the Marketo customer engagement platform and its Real-Time Personalization software with Acxiom’s Audience Operating System (AOS™), marketers will be able to present more relevant experiences to any website visitor, regardless of whether they have visited before. Acxiom’s AbiliTag™ Real-Time Insight provides marketers with real streams of descriptive information, about categories of website visitors, thereby enabling improved site customizations and offers. Once a visitor enters information through a Marketo contact form, marketers will then be able to access more specific data, and even predictive audience propensities. This will enable them to truly customize and tailor their marketing messages like never before.

“When we launched AOS, we set out to build not only a rich ecosystem of privacy-compliant insight solutions that are specific to the Acxiom offering, but also to use AOS as the connective tissue that enhances other marketing cloud platforms,” said Scott Howe, president and chief executive officer at Acxiom. “Marketo has once again reinforced its leadership by joining us in this vision. Our joint solution will help marketers establish deeper interactions with their target audiences allowing them to harness the power of data throughout the customer lifecycle, across display, mobile, social and email channels.”

To learn more, visit or stop by booth 200 at Marketo’s annual Marketing Nation Summit at the Moscone Center April 7-9.

About Marketo

Marketo (NASDAQ: MKTO) provides the leading marketing software for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships. Spanning today’s digital, social, mobile and offline channels, Marketo’s® customer engagement platform powers a set of breakthrough applications to help marketers tackle all aspects of digital marketing from the planning and orchestration of marketing activities to the delivery of personalized interactions that can be optimized in real-time. Marketo’s applications are known for their ease-of-use, and are complemented by the Marketing Nation™, a thriving network of more than 250 LaunchPoint™ ecosystem partners and over 40,000 marketers who share and learn from each other to grow their collective marketing expertise. The result for modern marketers is unprecedented agility and superior results. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices in Europe, Australia and a joint-venture in Japan, Marketo serves as a strategic marketing partner to more than 3,000 large enterprises and fast-growing small companies across a wide variety of industries. For more information, visit

About Acxiom

Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company that uniquely fuses trust, experience and scale to fuel data-driven results. For over 40 years, Acxiom has been an innovator in harnessing the most important sources and uses of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses and their partners. Utilizing a channel and media neutral approach, we leverage cutting-edge, data-oriented products and services to maximize customer value. Every week, Acxiom powers more than a trillion transactions that enable better living for people and better results for our 7,000+ global clients. For more information about Acxiom, visit

Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom Corporation.


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