Ex-Google/LiveRail Exec Launches New Video Ad Platform for Mobile


SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2014 (ADOTAS) — Minivid.io, a mobile media technology company co-founded by former DoubleClick, Google and LiveRail executive Tommy Schroder (pictured), today announced the release of Minivid 6-second video ad formats for mobile.

Minivids are designed to be short, sharp, punchy ad units that can be run alongside non-video content or as an interstitial. Designed primarily with the mobile consumer in mind, the ad format also works with desktop and pre-roll.

“Minivid is founded on our firm belief that ubiquitous 15- and 30-second ad spots do not work for the mobile consumer,” said Schroder, Minivid’s co-founder and CEO. “Consumers do like video — they just don’t like their content experience interrupted by long, repurposed television commercials.”

Minivid is currently working with select publishers and a number of brands and agencies to create ads in the 6-second format.

“If a brand has a Vine strategy, we can distribute that message far and wide on mobile and the web” said Schroder. “And our production services can make it easy for brands to get started using existing creatives.”

Minivid.io is a start-up co-founded by a team of ad industry veterans looking to fix mobile video.The company recently came out of stealth mode.



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